Democrat budget proposal includes 5% employee pay cut.

Jun 14th, 2012 | By | Category: Budget, Unions

According to the piece in today’s Sacramento PRAVDA linked here the budget proposal that the legislature will send to the governor some time tomorrow does include the 5% proposed civil service pay cut, which has yet to be agreed to by most state unions.

Among other things Jerry wants CalGrant recipients to receive decent grades in order to get their grants for school attendance.  The
Democrat/Socialists in the state legislature think that is unreasonable.  Jerry also wants to cut pay for domestic services like housecleaning and laundry being given to caregivers who live with their care recipients, typically family members being paid by taxpayers to do their own laundry and clean their own houses.

The Democrats are also willing to give CalWORKS grants cash aid without actually requiring them to get work or work training.

It’s instructive to watch a pack of thieves argue about how much OPM (other people’s money) they can give away without running the risk of a taxpayers revolt.

The Republicans have said they will refuse to participate in the process unless they get the budget bill at least 24 hours before the vote.  Since their votes are not needed, that is a politically safe stance to take.

I wonder how quickly or reluctantly CCPOA will buy into the governor’s 5% plan?  If they roll over too easily they will (justifiably) earn the scorn and wrath of the membership, who legitimately feel abused over years of furloughs that cut their pay but not their hours.  If they are overly unpleasant they run the risk of serious negative feedback from the public and the legislature over being obstructive and unreasonable during times of harsh budget reality.  In the real world there are sometimes no good answers.

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3 Comments to “Democrat budget proposal includes 5% employee pay cut.”

  1. What The? says:

    Mr. Walsh you amaze me sometimes. A couple of days ago you tinkled yourself praising CAHP for accepting the 5% cut. Now you say if CCPOA does the same “they will (justifiably) earn the scorn and wrath of the membership.” You must really hate CCPOA to so publicly speak from both sides of your pie-hole.

    • pacovilla says:

      Bob is offline today and Saturday. Pending his response, allow me to say while I think the “both sides” remark is off-base I agree there is an apparent contradiction Bob needs to clarify.

      I suspect he was simply saying the membership would react negatively one way or the other. His decision to use the word “earn” and the parenthetic “justifiably” is certainly problematic. To say “they will earn the scorn…” implies the deed deserves scorn–You don’t get what you haven’t earned–“Justifiably” further validates the “earned” scorn. So, it does appear he is saying CAHP was smart for doing something CCPOA would deserve scorn and wrath for emulating.

      I probably would have gone something like “they will (understandably) feel the scorn and wrath of the membership” and then explain why the ranks would (ostensibly) emote as claimed.

      For the record, I do not think the majority of membership will react that way at all. Our people aren’t stupid–They know resistance is futile.

      As the late Lou Ohls used to say, “The 10% who are always on board will get on the bus, the 10% who always bitch will bitch AND the other 80% who don’t do anything, won’t do anything.”

      • Bob Walsh says:

        I am now back, a tad early, from the wilds of no-internetland, so I will try to clarify my comments and stance.

        1) I think the CHP made a smart move in accepting the inevitable with good graces. It will make them look good. They didn’t get hit with the last rounds of furloughs, they make more money than Unit 6, and the state really is in rocky financial shape.

        2) Unit 6 got nailed HARD (probably abusively) in the last round of furloughs. If CCPOA meekly rolls over for the furlough proposal (which will almost undoubtedly happen no matter what CCPOA does) they will earn the justifiable ire of the membership. If CCPOA fights tooth and nail and screams and shout and threatens to hold it’s breath until it turns blue, it will come across as a spoiled, petulant child sucking funds from the public tit. CCPOA has a very tough row to hoe on this one, trying to keep the membership relatively happy on one side and not looking like a bunch of greedy jerks on the other side. It won’t be easy. It may not even be possible. It could easily turn into a lose-lose proposition. Life is hard, that’s why MJ gets the big bucks.

        I hope this clarifies things and does not make them worse.