Dangerous perv to be retained as sexually violent predator

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Travis Casebolt, 41, is a self-propelled lump of pond scum.  He was convicted of kidnapping and molesting a six-year old girl in Vacaville 22 years ago.  He was originally sentenced to 33 years and became eligible for parole consideration in 2009.  At that time the DA petitioned for a trial to determine if he was still dangerous.  The jury said, “Hell yes.”

Casebolt was living next door to the girl when he kidnapped her.  After he was done with her he dumped her, trussed up like a turkey, in a field where she was found a day later.  When the cops searched his room they found a ton of S&M porn.

The shrink said that Casebolt was both a sexual sadist and had an anti-social personality.  She further testified that he was at risk to reoffend.  He had also refused to accept psych treatment while a guest of the state.

Casebolt will now be an indefinite guest of the state at a secure mental health facility.  Sometimes the system gets it right.

Clicking here will link to a Vacaville Reporter piece on this story.  Thanks to Caroline for the link.

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