Damn the taxpayers, at high speed

Aug 20th, 2013 | By | Category: Budget, Courts, Politics-General

money_down_toilet-2Governor Brown has announced his intent to move ahead with his wannabe legacy project, High-Speed Rail, despite a court determining its funding setup is in violation of the ballot initiative that created the project.  Part of the reason behind Jerry’s push is clearly the fact that he is a true believer in the project.  Part of it, I suspect, is the fact that right now his legacy is “Realignment,” which is well on its way to being an unmitigated disaster.

The court ruling came a few hours after the state signed a contract for a tad under $1 billion to build the first section of track between Madera and Fresno.  The ruling merely stated the funding mechanism was in violation of the law, it didn’t specifically order the state to stop the project.

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One Comment to “Damn the taxpayers, at high speed”

  1. Centurion says:

    When he was governor of this once great state, Pat Brown (Jerry’s daddy) constructed what was, at the time, one of the greatest highway systems anywhere in the world.

    The bullet train is merely Jerry’s attempt to one up the old man.

    (At our expense of course).