Corcoran CO viciously slashed July 18: CDCR mum

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Who is behind the whitewashing of violent assaults at Corcoran and SATF?

Cover up or incompetence?  Vital safety alerts suppressed at Corcoran, SATF

The following information was received from an administration source who, for obvious reasons, requires anonymity. Due to the Agency’s failure to conduct a conference call, or otherwise properly notify staff statewide, details such as the attacker’s full name and number are not available.

As you read the following, ask yourself why the attempted murder of a correctional officer is being suppressed. Why hasn’t the attack been reported to the media as was the case in April 2010 when an officer was stabbed in an SATF housing unit? Is Corcoran exempt from reporting staff assaults while its sister facility is not?


On July 18th, Inmate Galvan (sorry, that’s all we have on him) was returned to CSP-Corcoran following a court transport. The transportation officers were unable to box cuff Galvan due to a cast on his arm–He reportedly injured the arm a week or so earlier when he attacked his attorney. On returning to the transportation area the officers proceeded to remove the restraint gear. As one officer was removing the leg irons, Galvan slipped out of his cuffs. Armed with an 8 inch piece of plexi-glass he attempted to kill the unnamed Correctional Officer slicing him 4 times on the neck, above the carotid artery. Galvan then went for the wounded officer’s leg, attempting to cut his femoral artery.

Fortunately the inmate’s slashes missed the mark and both officers were able to take him down and maintain control until additional staff arrived. The weapon had apparently been keistered, possibly at the jail.

The only other information received indicated Galvan is a Lifer who allegedly says he is intent upon killing a CO.

Normally, a statewide conference call is conducted whenever a serious incident happens. The attempted murder of staff is about as serious as it gets. That’s why so many (like me) outside of Corcoran are scratching their heads wondering why this has been squashed. Why hasn’t the news media been informed? How are those of us at other facilities charged with staff safety supposed to respond? How do we warn staff about an attack without any official information to share?

It’s possible this isn’t an oversight but a change in policy. I say this because I have also confirmed a Northern Mexican killed a Southerner at SATF last week. NORMALLY a conference call would be conducted ASAP in order to place the other prisons on alert. There was no conference call, no memo. Nothing.

I don’t know who is responsible for this failure to inform staff of vital safety information and I don’t care. I just want our officers and ancillary staff to know the truth. Unfortunately, I am forced to “leak” it at risk of my career because a public blog is apparently the only way to get the word out.

-Only you know who (keep it that way)

Time to step up Corcoran and SATF Riders. Since CDCR won’t tell your fellow CPO’s what happened, it’s on you.

Post details as comments or email me at paco(AT)pacovilla(DOT)com. Confidentiality guaranteed. –

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3 Comments to “Corcoran CO viciously slashed July 18: CDCR mum”

  1. Thats Crazy says:

    I got the email on this other day and was wondering the same thing…no media and no communication to the rest of us. This place is a joke… (CDCR) I got the email on the 21st myself.

  2. BigDaddy says:

    They can afford to hide facts. Anything held from the media will be blamed on the Green Wall of the prison guard union, not at the administration.

  3. Bob Walsh says:

    It is my understanding that information on serious crimes committed by realignment released prisoners is deliberately no longer included in the SecrAttorney’s daily briefing, because the information was being leaked to the press and tended to make the Department look bad. Perhaps this is part of a new head-in-the-sand (or head up the ass) policy by the department to pretend that bad news doesn’t exist by refusing to accept delivery.