Cops shoot and kill man who answered his door at 0130.

Jul 18th, 2012 | By | Category: Bob's Blotter, Firearms

The cops were looking for an armed murder suspect.  They knocked on the door WITHOUT identifying themselves as cops, allegedly due to fears for their safety.  It was 0130.  The resident opened the door with a gun in his hand.  The cops blasted him.  He was NOT the guy they were looking for.  The cops later arrested the right guy.  They didn’t shoot him.

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19 Comments to “Cops shoot and kill man who answered his door at 0130.”

  1. Tropia says:

    Once I was awakened at 2am to the sound of a flashlight pounding on my door non stop, I screamed “who the F is it?”, answer “I don’t have to answer that!”, so I opened my door ready to rip somebodies head off, and it was 4 cops urging me to “come on, come on”, I asked what they wanted, they said they were there on a domestic call, I told them they had the wrong place, they insisted they did not, after waking up the wife they went their own way, I never knew what that was about. It would have been too easy for me to answer the door with a gun or some kind of protection in my hand and it all go bad like this one. They need to identify themselves!

  2. 1962 says:

  3. Gadfly says:

    I cannot imagine opening my front door to anyone at 1:30 a.m. (or anytime for that matter without looking out my peephole or asking aloud, “Who is it?” If no one answered, I would call the cops.

    Secondly, common sense dictates that (as a resident) if you brought a gun to the door, you would not expose it or yourself to whomever was on the other side until you were certain there was a threat.

    I have knocked on many doors in the wee hours of the morning in search of dangerous people. Cops generally take cover, knock, and return to cover. Return fire usually comes right back at you through the door if the bad guy is laying in wait. If we did not announce ourselves initially, it was because we wanted to hear what was going on inside the residence first. Remember, knock and notice is only applicable to entry into a home. If the cops were not making entry (why would they, if they had not determined the dangerous suspect was inside?), an announcement would give an armed suspect a tactical advantage. I would like to know what the lighting was like at that front door. Was there a security screen? All of those factors play a key role in officer decision-making on approach.

    Perhaps the press was grabbing a headline without having all the facts? No. That would NEVER happen.

  4. Donkey Punch says:

    Lesson learned…. Somebody pounds on your door at 0130 hours, arm yourself and do not answer the door…. Call 911, tell them WTF is happening, start running voice/video off the smart phone, and request a police supervisor if 911 says it’s the cops…

  5. Howie Katz says:

    It is not all that unusual for officers to go to the wrong address to make an arrest or to conduct a search. I’ve been on several narcotic investigations where the search warrant listed the wrong address. Sometimes shit happens.

    I think there are going to be a lot of questions asked why the officers did not identify themselves when knocking on a door at 1:30 in the morning. If they thought the attempted arrest was too dangerous for them to identify themselves, perhaps they should have used a SWAT unit to make the arrest. Look for a big lawsuit to be filed against Lake County, the Lake County Sheriff’s Department, and the three deputies involved in the attempted arrest.

    • 1962 says:

      Yeah sometimes crap happens, unless its your home the cops bust into. I know of a family that this happened to. Cops bust in with guns drawn, cuff everybody, including the kids and then realize they had the wrong address. Walked out with no apology when they could have easily shot and killed someone innocent in their own home.

      • Bob Walsh says:

        Did they hit a house that was NOT listed on the warrant, or did the warrant have the wrong info on it. If they hit the wrong house the raid commander owed them a HUGE apology. If they went to the address on the warrant, somebody further up the chain screwed the pooch and the raid cops did their job correctly. Just because there is a crappy result that does not mean the cops on the scene screwed up.

        • 1962 says:

          Don’t know about warrant or address. Cops fault no matter what. They uncuffed the victims and walked out. Just because you have a badge and gun doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want, and if someone is killed, oh well.

          • Bob Walsh says:

            That crack “Cops fault no matter what” says a lot, about you.

            • 1962 says:

              Yes it does. It means I believe in Liberty, Freedom and being secure in our homes. Just wait until they kick your door in and point guns at you and cuff you and your family. If you were to resist they’ll shoot you or at least book you (after a beat down) for obstruction.

              • Howie Katz says:

                1962, what did the cops ever do to turn you into the cop hater that you are? Don’t try to clean up your act by invoking liberty and freedom. If it weren’t for the cops you wouldn’t be secure in your home. Try calling a social worker the next time you need a cop!

                • 1962 says:

                  I support law enforcement 100%. Like I said before, a badge and gun does not give you permission to do whatever you want. Cops get away with a lot of abuses.

                  • Bob Walsh says:

                    How do you square that with, “Cops fault no matter what?” It doesn’t make sense.

                  • Howie Katz says:

                    1962, You have a warped idea about ‘support.’ If you support LE 100%, then people like Bob and me will have to jack up that number to 500%. Like I said, call a social worker if you ever need a cop.

  6. 1962 says:

    Just another “mistake” in the line of duty that cost someone their life. It will be swept under the rug, when criminal charges should be filed.

    • Howie Katz says:

      1962, where do you get off with that ‘criminal charges should be filed’ crap? Those officers committed no crime! They mad a terrible mistake that resulted in a tragic fatality. They may very well be held civilly liable. But to charge them with a crime for shooting a man who was pointing a gun at them, that would be a crime.

      • Bob Walsh says:

        1962, assuming the news article got it right I agree with Howie. The article specifies that the dead guy pointed the gun at the cops. That is always a dangerous thing to do, and usually stupid. I don’t fault the guy for answering the door at 1:30 in the morning with a gun in his hand. I do fault him for aiming it at the cops. Maybe he should have made some effort to see who it was before he opened the door at that time. I know I would have. There is clearly at least the potential for a serious civil problem here, but I don’t see a criminal one at this stage of the matter.

      • 1962 says:

        He pointed a gun at two guys while in his own home, who did not identify themselves at 0130 in the morning. COPs get away with two much. Terrible mistake? Someone is dead.
        The guy may have been dead asleep, wakes up to someone pounding on his door and grabs his gun for protection. If the cops simply would have yelled that they were police officers, the victim may have taken more time to verify. Cops are wrong on this one.