Cops search for parolee with “assault rifle”

May 21st, 2014 | By | Category: Bob's Blotter, Firearms, Gold Star Parolee

GoldStarLogoThe local constabulary in the teeming metropolis of Rialto are searching for Darnell White, a parolee.  He left his vehicle after a traffic stop with an “assault rifle” in his hands, prompting the cops to open fire on him.  He is believed to be wounded, but managed to successfully flee the scene, sans rifle.

White had been driving at a high rate of speed at about 0145 hours early this morning, thereby attracting the attention of the cops.  White has an extensive criminal history.  He fled into a nearby house, but boogied before the SWAT team could show up.

Clicking here will link to a LA TIMES piece on this story.

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One Comment to “Cops search for parolee with “assault rifle””

  1. LA Sleuth says:

    Just another parolee with a gun. What happened to those unannounced home site visit’s by the parole agents? Is Maria Franco telling parole agents and parole administrators to get rid of the parole records on this case ?