Cop killer up for parole

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BobsNewsflash[1],jpgOn Halloween of 1985 Voltaire Williams, E17796, murdered LAPD Detective Thomas Williams as Williams was picking up his son at day care.  The murder was partly payback for an arrest of a Williams associate and partly an attempt to eliminate the principle witness in that trial.  Williams is up for parole consideration early next year at Vacaville.

The LAPPL (Los Angeles Police Protective League, the LAPD union) is actively opposing this parole and has requested other like-minded individuals to write the parole board at Vacaville to oppose this potential parole.

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2 Comments to “Cop killer up for parole”

  1. gps3056 says:

    Victim advocates and Dictrict Attorneys now have to come together and ensure that parole hearings for lifers are attended by prosecuters and so forth to point out their behavior in custody, progress in rehabilitation, and aggravating factors in their commitment offense. A change to indeterminate sentecing for Murder ((I & II), Rape, and Child Molestation would be a good start.

  2. gps3056 says:

    I am a liberal, but how in the world do the judges’ sleep at night with their latest ruling on LWPOP’s having a determined date for parole hearings after serving 25 years. Now these predators WILL get another chance at life on the streets and the Vic is gone forever. Furthermore, the Vic’s family lives with the fact that their loved one is gone forever. This is not justice, but victimizing families twice is SicK! Commissioners are in the back pockets of the Gov’s office (as they are appointed by the gov himself) and will make decisions based on population numbers. Just supports the gov’s plan that AB109 is the greatest thing since sliced bread. The pendulum will swing again to the opposite side, but with public safety going to $hit first. Which by the way should be the number one priority by Sacramento? I need my job back with DAPO, but at what cost?