CoCo County DA blasts legislators’ interference in realignment planning

Aug 10th, 2012 | By | Category: Realignment, Spotlight

Democrats Nancy Skinner, Mark DeSaulnier and Loni Hancock put their heads together and descended upon Contra Costa County to interfere in the Realignment process.  Later, they brawled with Godzilla, crushing cars and leveling buildings in Martinez.

“Aren’t these the same people who asked us to do this job and now they want to come and tell us how to do it?”

Contra Costa law enforcement leaders delay vote on Richmond jail expansion

By Lisa Vorderbrueggen Contra Costa Times

MARTINEZ — Costa Costa’s top law enforcement leaders postponed a vote Thursday on a contentious Richmond jail expansion plan after three East Bay legislators issued a last-minute plea for a delay.

State Sens. Mark DeSaulnier, D-Concord, and Loni Hancock, D-Berkeley, along with Assemblywoman Nancy Skinner, D-Berkeley, asked the Contra Costa Community Corrections Partnership to hold off in light of vocal community opposition to the 150-bed addition to the West County Jail.

In their joint letter, they asked the panel to work with them to help “break the cycle of crimes and keep our communities safe.”

But the irony of the lawmakers’ request was too much for District Attorney Mark Peterson, who tersely asked, “Aren’t these the same people who asked us to do this job and now they want to come and tell us how to do it?…”

It is simple math, said Sheriff David Livingston: The state is sending him more prisoners than it initially estimated and he needs the bed space.

But his $2.9 million expansion proposed for the county’s Point Richmond jail has become a local flash point in the debates over detention of illegal immigrants and punishment vs. rehabilitation.

…inmate and immigrants’ rights activists…want the money spent instead on transitional prisoner rehabilitation, housing and job services.

They also argue the county could free up beds if it quit housing suspected illegal immigrants at the behest of immigration authorities. Federal officials said Wednesday they keep an average of 138 people with pending deportations at the West County Jail…(Full text at Contra Costa Times)

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One Comment to “CoCo County DA blasts legislators’ interference in realignment planning”

  1. Bob Walsh says:

    Anybody who believes the REAL reason for realignment was to move the problem closer to the locals who (allegedly) know better how to react quickly is stupid. The REAL reason was to move the issue of a failing criminal justice system out of Sacramento and dump it onto the local communities, along with the blame for any subsequent failures, which are sure to be many and massive.

    Many of the locals bought the okeydoke because of the cash payments attached to the promise. They were stupid too. The locals are now being drowned with more realignment inmates than they anticipated, the funding is inadequate, the the state wants to tell them what they can do with the money anyway.

    Instead of a win-win it has been a lose-lose, which anybody who actually works in the system KNEW it was going to be. I would be happy to stand up and shout “We told you so” but I am unsure it would be helpful. Oh well, what the hell. WE TOLD YOU SO.