CO killer demands timely execution

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Kill Eric Robert and ALL Condemned Prisoners

Eric Robert was sentenced to die for murdering SD CO Ronald Johnson. He is suing for the right to be executed without “automatic appeal” delays.

Inmate will again ask SD Supreme Court to allow his execution; says it’s his right to die

KRISTI EATON | AP | The Republic
SIOUX FALLS, S.D. — A man sentenced to death for killing a prison guard says the state Supreme Court’s decision to delay his execution to allow for a mandatory review is denying him his constitutional rights.

Eric Robert, 50, will ask the South Dakota Supreme Court to allow his execution to proceed and is proposing legislative changes to prevent similar cases in the future in briefs that are expected to be filed later this week or early next week.

Robert pleaded guilty to killing prison guard Ronald Johnson during a botched prison escape in April 2011. A judge sentenced him to death for the crime last fall, and his execution was set for May. But the South Dakota Supreme Court stayed the execution in February to allow more time for a mandatory review, which could delay the execution for up to two years.…(Full text at The Republic)

‘Mumia Abu-Jamal’ is REALLY Wesley Cook, a Convicted Cop Killer loved by Leftists worldwide. The ‘Free Mumia’ campaign is a model capital punishment advocates should emulate.

Borrowing from the Free Mumia Campaign, Paco says it is about time for grass roots activism to promote the rule of law, specifically, the enforcement of the death penalty.

The case of Eric Robert ought to evoke public support, insofar as the killer admits guilt, was duly convicted and sentenced and demands the right to a speedy execution–Here’s a killer the Victims Rights Movement should support!  Here’s a Death Row inmate whose cause should be advanced and supported by CO unions and professional organizations nationwide: He murdered an unarmed, 63 year year old CO during a botched escape.

Paco says, KILL Eric Robert–He’s got it comin’!

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Who knows, perhaps we can provide just enough support to make this inmate’s wish come true. –

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5 Comments to “CO killer demands timely execution”

  1. Howie Katz says:

    Putting Eric Robert to death in South Dakota is not going to change the fact that California’s appellate judiciary does not want to see anyone executed.

  2. Bob Walsh says:

    Due process can be a pain in the ass at times. Especially when there is no question whatsoever of actual guilt.

    • Gadfly says:


      In Paco’s argument it would seem that true due process is making sure the condemned man gets his due. The process has been over-due for correction (no pun intended.) A review on appeal is due process and if there is no egregious error in the trial record, there should be no further process due. Justice too long delayed is justice denied, especially for the victims’ families.