CO broke killer’s face: Jury awards 500k

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Convicted Murderer of 7 Awarded Nearly $500K

James Eric Degorski is a killer of 7.  A CO decided to rearrange Degorski's face, costing the taxpayers BIG TIME.

James Eric Degorski is a killer of 7.  One day, a CO decided to rearrange Degorski’s face, costing the taxpayers BIG TIME.  On the upside, any cash will likely go to victims and the DOC. (ZOOM image)


The man convicted of perpetrating one of the most gruesome and notorious mass killings in Chicago-area history has been awarded nearly a half million dollars in a civil lawsuit against a prison guard accused of punching him in the face.

James Eric Degorski, now 41, and accomplice Juan Luna were convicted of shooting and stabbing to death two restaurant owners and five employees during a botched robbery at a suburban Chicago diner in 1993. The seven victims’ bodies were discovered the next day in the restaurant’s walk-in cooler and freezer…

Degorski suffered facial fractures and metal plates had to be surgically inserted into his face.

Degorski sued Wilson, now 50, for excessive use of force in 2004, but the civil case was put on hold until his murder case was concluded in 2009. A federal jury Friday agreed with Degorski after a three-day trial that Wilson had used excessive force and awarded punitive damages.

Wilson claimed that Degorski lunged at him and that he acted in self-defense. Wilson was acquitted by a Cook County circuit judge in 2003 of aggravated battery and official misconduct charges in connection to the alleged attack on Degorski…(Full text at ABC News)

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2 Comments to “CO broke killer’s face: Jury awards 500k”

  1. Howie Katz says:

    It would appear that from the injuries Degorski suffered, Wilson may very well have used excessive force. But awarding this cold-blooded mass murderer half a million bucks is not only outrageous, but it’s a crime against society. Degorski should have received the death penalty and been executed, not given the chance to receive any award. Had I been on the jury, I would have awarded him the sum of $1 and not a penny more!

  2. kl2008a says:

    I hope the State takes $499, 999.99 and applies it towards the Victims Restitution Fund.