Ex-veteran CO bribed to smuggle phones/drugs/tobacco

Aug 26th, 2013 | By | Category: Bad Apples, Cell phones, Crime In General, Ethics

BadApples22A former DVI Correctional Officer who had transferred to CMC San Luis Obispo has been sentenced to 30 days as a guest of the county for accepting bribes to smuggle contraband.

Kevin J. Veneama, 50, had 28 years in at the time of his downfall.  He transferred from DVI about 11 months ago.  When he was grabbed he had three backs of tobacco hidden in his lunch box and six cellphones stashed in pockets in his vest.  He also had some drugs on him.  When they searched his car they found small-arms ammunition, several small knives and a machete.

Venema blames stress and financial hardship due to two divorces and a child with leukemia.

He has resigned.

Clicking here will link to a piece on CorrectionsOne on this sad tale.  Thanks to Dave for the link.

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4 Comments to “Ex-veteran CO bribed to smuggle phones/drugs/tobacco”

  1. pacovilla says:

    Now the race begins: Can Veneama retire before he is terminated? Given OIA’s track record, welcome to retirement, dirtbag.

    • kl2008a says:

      If he resigned there’s nothing to terminate. He no longer is employed by the State. Since he’s 50, he can retire since he resigned. That’s the way the system is currently set up. Now, if the Legis. change the law to exempt folks from drawing retirement for being convicted of a job related crime, then it would be different (but it would also affect a bunch of politician’s.’s too).

      • pacovilla says:

        I was under the impression one had to complete the retirement application process before separating service in order to receive the full retirement. Thanks for the clarification. So, as I said, welcome to retirement, you POS.

  2. kl2008a says:

    Momma Gump was right. Stupid is as stupid does! Well, under the current system, he’ll still be able to draw his retirement (after his ex’s get their piece of the pie).