CHP buys into furlough plan

Jun 8th, 2012 | By | Category: Budget, Furloughs & Layoffs, Unions

The California Association of Highway Patrolmen has notified Jerry that they will buy into his 5% pay reduction one-day-per-month furlough plan.  The agreement will encourage, but not require, CHP officers to use banked furlough time that they may accrue instead of vacation time to cover annual vacations.

It looks me like the Chippies, who have NOT gotten nailed in previous furlough plans, are being smart here by getting in front of the issue.  Luckily for them they can afford to, they haven’t had to eat years of furloughs before now because Arnie and Jerry consider them to be “real” public safety employees, unlike prison workers.

Clicking here will link to a piece on the Sacramento PRAVDA web site on this story.

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5 Comments to “CHP buys into furlough plan”

  1. pacovilla says:

    I get all the animosity toward CCPOA but to give CAHP credit for being smart on this is not smart. CAHP has been spoon fed the best MOU’s for their entire history while the rest of the BU’s had to fight over the scraps. CCPOA, under Novey, was the best at getting those scraps but EVERYONE knows the scraps are gone…even the CAHP. So they are rolling over because they are being told to–They are the Executive Office’s “union” lap dog and always will be. YES, CCPOA clumsily refused to roll over and it didn’t go well. In fact, it was a slaughter. So, they put all their stock in Brown and, OF COURSE, CCPOA will get the same boning as CAHP. To think otherwise is silly. Your verdict on the conduct of YOUR union is not for me to judge, however, if you think for one second CAHP is a model to emulate, you are a fool. I don’t believe you are foolish so STOP giving credit to the faux union known as CAHP.

    [NOTE: This comment was intended as a response to Carlito but was inadvertently posted in-line-ED]

    • Bob Walsh says:

      I respectfully disagree. I think the CAHP saw the writing on the wall (and maybe made an under the table deal with Jerry I admit) but realized that they could either accept the inevitable gracefully (which for them was comparatively easy) or have it shoved down their throat, and look like a bunch of spoiled petulant brats. The curve is bending against public employee unions, even golden children like the CHP. They can either eat a little medicine, gracefully, or have it shoved up a different bodily orifice with somewhat less grace.

      CCPOA has been sucking hind tit for several years, I don’t blame the organization for not liking it. That does NOT mean I think they handled the situation well, merely that they have a lot to be legitimately resentful of (at least a lot more than CAHP does)..

  2. Carlitos says:

    Smart CHP UNION, that’s what you call -think before you talk- plan of action ever since the 2008’s Arnold’s props. Really, these peace officers _CHP_ have already gotten ahead of _CDCR_ officers by a (safe to say) 30% in salary, safe to compare _CDCR_ captain’s salary equals _CHP_ officer’s salary. Why would they mind, at all, taking a furlough day a month for one year only, in exchange for, equal in value time in the books, while leaving an opened door of communication with the Governor and his staff. Intelligent visual demonstration of firm and full support in the state government’s plan of action to mend the State’s economy. Bet Some of those Chippies are ready to go into work on their RDO for OT to then take a requested Furlough Holiday day off. SEE IF CCPOA LEARNS AND ACTS !!

    • PC830POINT5 says:

      The CHP’s deal SHOULD make it a piece of cake for CCPOA. All they have to do now is say, “We will accept what CHP agreed to.” Let’s see what happens. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.