Chowchilla undergoing sex change

Dec 9th, 2011 | By | Category: Jails, Realignment

CA to convert women’s prison to hold male inmates

CHOWCHILLA, Calif. — California will convert a Central Valley women’s prison to a facility for low- and medium-security male inmates as part of a sweeping statewide plan to send lower-level criminals to local jails instead of state lockups.

Corrections officials said Friday that many women meet the requirements to serve their time locally, reducing the number of female state inmates nearly 40 percent in the next 18 months.

That means the Valley State Prison for Women will no longer be needed to hold the nearly 3,200 inmates currently there. It is one of two women’s prisons in Chowchilla.

By July 2013, the prison will be converted to hold male inmates…helping the state comply with a federal court order…(Full text at Sacramento Bee )

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7 Comments to “Chowchilla undergoing sex change”

  1. Bob Walsh says:

    The Stockton hospitla facility will be coming along in 1 1/2 years or so. That is good news, if not right-away good news.

  2. BigDaddy says:

    The press release by CDCR states that VSP will keep approximatelty the same level of inmates currently housed at the prison, with the approximately the same amount of staff. VSP currently has about 3500 inmates, 8 persons to a cell. Glad I’m not working there.

    • C/O says:

      we have 10 man level 2 pods in Corcoran, and for the most part runs smoothly.

      • BigDaddy says:

        VSP doesn’t have Pods, they have 8 man cells approximately 15 by 15 feet, with giant glass windows. The building are set up in an X design with a square dayroom in the middle, and four halls going off of the corners. With 2 staff per unit, there is no way to see down any of the halls from the other, or more than one hall from the dayroom. There is no gun coverage above.

  3. SQ C/O says:

    Any word on the Stockton facility being converted to a re-entry joint?

    • Bob Walsh says:

      The San Joaquin County Sheriff would like to know the same thing. They are sort-of slow-dragging it.

  4. C/O says:

    Now if we could get past the layoffs. i might be able to transfer and work close to home. HHHHMMMMM