Cellphones and strikes: Reality of intra-prison collusion

Jul 10th, 2013 | By | Category: Cell phones, Prison Gangs, Security, Spotlight

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6 Comments to “Cellphones and strikes: Reality of intra-prison collusion”

  1. David Raidoux says:

    Do you have any evidence that cell phones are a problem at the PBSP SHU, especially the short corridor? Seems pretty far-fetched to me, less so on the mainlines, but the hunger strike “leaders” are up north. Lots of pretty aggressive COs up there, or you think otherwise?

    • pacovilla says:

      My post, if you bothered to read it, dealt with the statewide action and the role of cellphones in its implementation. I never implied SHU inmates had cellphones. DUH! That the idiots in the ‘short corridor’ are the so-called leaders is not in dispute. Doubtless their lawyers are their conduit, not contraband phones. As to how aggressive the CO’s at PBSP are, I have no idea. Never lived or worked there. Did you?

  2. JC says:

    Mr. Walsh, I am siding with you. And, unfortunately, my vote runs with “Social Worker”. What should be done, you all outlined above. Dr. Beard will not admit to anything, because to do so might risk losing out on the office chair he’s in right now. The Office of the Receiver can’t take EVERY failed CDCR administrator (Can they?)

  3. Keeley Stevens says:

    You are so right about this! This is a very serious issue and Management better take some kind of decisive action to stop it. Like you said, this is the perfect opportunity to slam every Joint in the state and do a complete search of every area. In fact, I would even suspend the hot meals and serve three sack lunches a day until the search is complete.
    The only ones I can think of with the organization and power to pull off this strike is the EME. Of course it was done through cell phones too. As it gained momentum I’m sure other groups jumped on the bandwagon.
    This happened at Folsom several years ago when Robert Borg was the Warden. No one but a handful of inmates came out to eat dinner one night. Those that DID come out were severely beaten. Warden Borg slammed the entire place for quite a while until the investigation dug up who was responsible.
    I’m not even sure if Bob Borg is still alive, but if he is, he is the man to consult on this issue.
    Like you said, CDC is just a cell phone call away from massive, coordinated riots or takeovers. CDC Management better take firm and decisive action on this one.

  4. bulldogger says:

    I think he’s bit off more than he can chew. When he was an “advisor” he had all the answers but now he has found out he’s in over his head but doesn’t have the balls to admit it or at least change course.

  5. Bob Walsh says:

    If you tolerate bad behavior you get even more bad behavior. When dealing with children and badly-behaved adults this is demonstrably true. A failure to act decisively will lead to more acting out.

    Is Dr. Beard going to be the head of the now-second-largest correctional system in the country, or is he going to be a social worker? Any bets?