CDCR: Meal-skippers ‘subject to disciplinary action’

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The Psychretary off Hearts blusters

The Psychretary blusters, but lacks the heart, budget and beds.

California Blames Hunger Strikes on Gangs, Vows Crackdown

ABC News
(SACRAMENTO)… the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation announced prisoners participating in the hunger strike will face consequences, including being punished with the very thing they’re protesting: solitary confinement.

CDCR called the prisoners’ action a “mass hunger strike disturbance” that is being “organized by prison gangs.”

Close to 30,000 prisoners across 24 California prisons began a hunger strike on Monday to call attention to a number of conditions they say are inhumane. The prisoners are demanding changes to policies that allow prisons to hold inmates in solitary confinement for an indefinite period of time…

“Inmates identified as leading and perpetuating the disturbance will be subject to disciplinary action in accordance with the California Code of Regulations, Title 15 Section 3315(a)(2)(L) and may be removed from the general population and be placed in an Administrative Segregation Unit pursuant to CDCR’s hunger strike policy…”(Full text at ABC News)

While Paco is pleasantly surprised Dr. Beard’s CDCR is taking a stand for safety and security in response to the ‘hunger strike,’ the threat of AD-SEG placement is both impotent and silly. As previously stated here, all participants should receive a counseling chrono which, as a non-disciplinary action, would cost nothing beyond printing and existing staff hours.

AD-SEG placement, on the other hand, requires committee action and/or a hearing including all the associated due-process bells and whistles. Then, there’s the issue of where all those new AD-SEGers will be housed AND the added staff costs associated with tending to individually segregated offenders. Aren’t staff still required to observe and document AD-SEG inmate ‘activity’ in a log? Don’t they cell-feed them? Extra staff are still needed to run lock-up programs, aren’t they?

In other words, CDCR has no intention of ‘punishing’ meal-skippers with SHU or AD-SEG placements because it lacks the resources to do so–Not to mention the stones.

Again, all participants should receive a CDC-128 documenting the misbehavior–To the extent some may be provably involved in organizing the event, they should be appropriately charged and disciplined.

Beyond that, it’s bluster…Bull bluster. –

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9 Comments to “CDCR: Meal-skippers ‘subject to disciplinary action’”

  1. Marshall Ragan says:

    It’s not a “hunger strike”, it’s a “state meal boycott”.They all have lockers/stashes of canteen food that they gleefully scarf down on, while watching us dispose of uneaten state prepared meals.

    • samantha says:

      Really! Lockers/stashes of Canteen food.? How Is that when prices are ridiculous and they are only allowed a minimum purchase a month of like $50- ? It would be nice if they had lockers full. Most of the inmates don’t even have the funds on their books to buy from canteen!

  2. Rod-Csp-Cor says:

    I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed, but we afford them the oppurtunity to eat, should they refuse document it in their 114 and have a good , we’ll do it again tomorrow and tommorrow,etc. where they going and if they board up, chemical agents to the fullest in order to gain compliance. Just saying!!!

    • samantha says:

      So you’re one of them crooked ones huh, lets just use chemical agents and call it a day. “To the fullest”! Come on now all they want is a fair chance out of the SHU to prove that they can do well as they do not want to be in solitary . How would you like it if you were in their shoes? Think about that for awhile .

      • Gadfly says:


        It is not a hotel, it is prison (a place of punishment.) Political hacks and progressives deem it “rehab for reprobates”, but the reality is it is a “warehouse for wrongdoers.” And considering how well American inmates are housed and fed, and allowed certain privileges for following rules, an organized hunger strike by inmates is unconscionable. Prison was not designed as a quaint stopover, a benign banquet facility, or a Boys Town recovery home.

        You seem ignore the audacity of prisoners staging organized hunger strikes in order to further manipulate their environment. Your comments gloss over the reason those folks have been incarcerated by complaining about their canteen privileges. Perhaps if convicted felons (i.e., adept system manipulators) pondered the joys of prison life and truly desired rehabilitation over their prison-pyramid schemes, they might not feel inclined to return to those harrowed halls as repeat offenders (as so many of them do) by their continued manipulation and victimizing others. Obeying the law keeps me out of their shoes. Be wary of being manipulated by yet another “con job”, please.

      • pacovilla says:

        As you know, this isn’t PrisonTalk–If you want to have a discussion in our house, behave accordingly. If you can’t have a conversation without insults and name-calling, leave. If you can conduct yourself in a civil tone, you are welcome….until you can’t.

  3. Bob Walsh says:

    The Dept. should just let them get hungry. Real hungry. The number of so-called hunger strikers has already dropped by a huge number. Virtually all of them will drop out of the strike when they get hungry enough. The others can be placed into medical housing and force-fed with a tube down their nose. After a while, they will get tired of it. .