CCW applications surge

Mar 13th, 2014 | By | Category: Courts, Firearms

BobsNewsflash[1],jpgMany counties have received more concealed carry permit applications in the last two weeks than they received in all of last year according to items appearing in various news outlets over the last day or so.  There are currently about 56,000 carry permits outstanding in California.  Many of the large urban counties, like LA or SF, issue essentially zero permits and seldom even pass out applications.  Some of the cow counties hand them out liberally.

Two recent federal court decisions, one out of San Diego and another out of Yolo County, have ashcanned effectively the “good cause” requirement which has been used by many counties to effectively deny that ANYBODY ever had good cause to carry a gun.

Kamala Harris is actively appealing the San Diego decision, which the Sheriff is NOT appealing.

Minimum processing time for such a permit is about three months and many counties take much longer than that to arrange an often-required personal interview.

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2 Comments to “CCW applications surge”

  1. Bulldogger says:

    OC sheriiff is hiring back retired deputies just to handle all the new applications for CCW

    • Bob Walsh says:

      Good. If he they hadn’t been such obstructive jerks in the past they might not have to play catch-up.