CCPOA closes in on contract deal

Aug 24th, 2013 | By | Category: Budget, Unions

BudgetEgg[1],jpgCCPOA and the formerly great state of California have reached a tentative contract deal.  The deal provides for a 4% COLA on 01-01-2015, changes the overtime eligibility to 41 hours across 7 days rather than the current monthly arrangement and reduces the Basic Officer’s Academy from 16 weeks to 12 weeks.

There are many other items worthy of note in the item by Jon Ortiz linked here.

Here is a newer link, with a further link to a summary of the contract language.

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43 Comments to “CCPOA closes in on contract deal”

  1. 1962 says:


    You come on the site crying about being laid off, something all of us have experienced in our life times. Then you insult us and brag about your supposed accomplishments and experience. You complain we are getting paid too much. Did you ever give any of your pay back?
    I chose to move around in positions within CDCR to retain my B-6 seniority. I work very hard to earn what the state is paying me. Maybe you don’t work too hard and you feel guilty for the high pay you received. I never asked for a pay raise, but if the state is willing to give me a pay raise, I’m certainly not going to refuse it either.

  2. Bob Walsh says:

    I dumped a comment that was primarily personal insults. Remember the rules people. Strong or contrary opinions are one thing. Personal insults are another. If you want to throw bombs go elsewhere.

  3. Retirrrred says:

    Let me see here;
    Correctional Officer- Quell Riots, Conduct searches, Oversee the feeding of a thousand Inmates, Armed Posts and be qualified, write reports daily on use of force, responsible for the health and welfare of Mentally incapacitated inmates, disabled inmates, Medical inmates, keep the peace among the different gang factions, conduct counts to include welfare checks, prevent suicides, maintain and secure weapons to include gas and hi powered weapons, restraint gear, less than lethal weapons, maintain a housing unit / recreation yard in clean and secure environment, conduct cell extractions, Feed lock down unit inmates, conducts the showering and daily exercise for lock down units, transportation of inmates to hospitals and court, ect, ect, ect.

    CHP- write tickets, write reports on accidents.
    Get the media glory.

    Caltrans-The highest number of highway personnel that died on duty.

  4. "Iwasgoingtobchp" says:

    Why do co’s always compare them selfs to chp? There is nothing to compare co’s are overweight and unprofessional.
    Just go to work and look at your partners uniforms and attitudes. The day you get pulled over in your car that has Raider stickers all over and the chp officer looks and acts like a co you can complain about them making too much

    • Bob Walsh says:

      Once upon a time the CHP wanted very badly to come in with CCPOA on labor relations / unionization, way back when the Dills Act started up. Also our pay is tied, admittedly at the tail end of, CHP pay. Those are legitimate connections. Your blanket characterization of Correctional Officers as overweight and unprofessional is not only uncalled for but inaccurate. There are plenty of targets for stone throwing in both directions. I.E. how many Correctional Officers have been successfully prosecuted for kidnap / rape / murder while on the job vs. how many CHP officers? How professional is it to pull over young women, attempt to extort sex from them, and murder them if they don’t comply? Just asking.

      • sfpdcaptain says:

        Law enforcement in general tends to attract a lot of people that are sociopaths.
        Fortunately, the vast majority are weeded out in either the background or psych phase.
        No agency is immune from it. CDCR, CHP, SFPD etc, have all had folks who slipped through the cracks.

  5. Retirrrred says:

    As I Said before, Officers just got a 5% raise last month. Supervisors and managers got 4%. In 2015 you will get another 4%. Back in 2003/04 CCPOA Officers were making same as CHP Officers with exception to the pilots. Currently CHP is making a CDC LT’s pay at $90,000+ a year. I believe a CHP Captain makes what a Warden gets.

  6. LOLWOW says:

    “Your pay is too high, you don’t need a raise” but never said that when he was eating from that pie, seems legit. Guess if CDCR told me the only place I could work is Stockton and I didn’t want to, I wanted it my way and they called my bluff and I got boned I would be mad at the world and tell all my old partners they make too much money too, makes perfect sense.

    Fact: If the job paid $18/hr with 2.0@55 you wouldn’t have applied and you wouldn’t have had a job to be laid off from and bitter at everyone else about so cut the BS.

  7. Bob Walsh says:

    Here is a link to a Sacramento PRAVDA State Worker Blog piece that has a further link to a summary of the new contract proposal.

  8. cwraider says:

    I would like to recall my “it’s crap” comment regarding the new contract. Like Nancy Pelosi, I responded without having the benefit of reading the damn thing. Bottom line, the contract starts out with a 1% increase from your pocket into your retirement -which is a decrease in your net income; therefore my “it’s crap” statement.

    Nevertheless, our POFF contributions that has been frozen and inaccessible until after retirement, now appears will be available pending ratification. I want access to my money, either to cash out, re-deposit, whatever, and not have to wait until I’m 50+ for something that I’ve been paying into already.

  9. kl2008a says:

    So the new 41 hour work week is suppose to be good? For who? Paco, while I have no dog directly in the fight, I indirectly do as my son in-law and several nieces and nephews continue to work for CDC (in case you haven’t noticed, I have always leave out the “R” after CDC as I feel it’s a farce, but that’s another matter for another time). But what exactly is this overtime eligibility to 41 hours across 7 days rather than the current monthly arrangement going to do other than screw the employees once again. Sure, overtime in the past was based on the 164 work “period” (7K) but in actuality if you worked more than you 40 hour work week (and didn’t call in sick or use leave credits during that period) you were still entitled to be compensated at an overtime rate. Now, by changing it to a 41 hour work week, it appears that for every overtime shift the employee works over their 40 hours they are donating one hour of overtime pay back to the State. If a employee gets ordered over, say once a week (if the vacancy rate is so high), then an employee ends up loosing 4 hours of overtime pay (or 6 hours of straight time since OT is time and a half). So, who makes out on THIS part of the deal? The State. Once again, I encourage every employee to document the exact time they are ON THE JOB (State property). Those 5 or 10 minutes here and there will add up. Will it be enough to cover the extra hour per work week? Only time can tell.

  10. M&P says:


    Quit crying about being “laid off.” The fact is that you could have went to CHCF along with the rest of your PA friends. You CHOSE to be laid off.

    Well guess what? Your co workers are enjoying full time jobs in Stockton and most of them are actually going back to Parole in the near future.

    Admit it… You gambled and you lost!

    • LAID-OFF-PA-I says:


      You don’t know my situation, or those who took the lay off!!! I did not gamble, I had no choice. Your assumptions, regarding my lay off, are ridiculous!!!!! How dare you make such a statement. I hope you never have to face being laid off, it’s a horrible position to be put in. Your statement, that I gambled and chose to be laid off, is out right disgusting!!!!! You should be ashamed of yourself.

  11. SACGUARD says:


    Don’t listen to these guys. I respect you for watching out for the taxpayers of California. Just one question, should you be “manning up” for your family and getting a job so you can contribute to the state taxes and their well being? Instead you are bleeding the tax payers dry and dissappointing those that depend on you by sitting on your computer all day and arguing about nothing.

    • LAID-OFF-PA-I says:


      I never said I wasn’t working. I said I was laid off. FYI, I don’t spend all day on PACO. I’ve only posted a couple of times. At any rate, thank you for supporting my opinion regarding the tax payers. Please, be safe inside, watch your 6 and protect your brothers!!!! Have a good night.

  12. cwraider says:

    I think it’s a crappy deal —- we lose money (1%) for the first year and I don’t care if it goes into my retirement. funny, when we were furloughed, did that money go back into our retirement — NO! Now, here’s this big push to pay more into retirement….didn’t we just start paying .5 – 1.5% more this past July/Aug paycheck!!! CCPOA caved in — this is not a COLA.

    • pacovilla says:

      I haven’t seen the deal, and I haven’t a dog in the fight, but at least the money going into PERS is tax deferred. That’s something, I suppose.

      Philosophically speaking, Jerry Brown is CCPOA’s “friend”–just imagine how bad it would be if he wasn’t! :)

      Seriously, with friends like Jerry Brown, who needs enemies?

    • SACPA says:


  13. retirrred says:

    Officers just got a 5% raise last month. Supervisors and managers got 4%

  14. No Mames says:

    Can someone please explain why LAID-OFF-PA-1 is even on this site? Shouldn’t you be on the EDD website instead.

    • LAID-OFF-PA-I says:

      No Mames, that was a low blow. I sure hope you and your family never have to go through what I have had to experience. I hope you feel better about yourself after making your comment.

    • kl2008a says:

      No Mames, LAID-OFF-PA-I has as much right as the rest of us. He/She was a part of us and tho he/she may talk some smack (that some may disagree with), he’s still part of our family. Even if it is detached and dysfunctional, he still part of it and can express his/her opinion (unless he pisses Paco off, and that takes a lot).

  15. iHateDirtBags says:

    sounds to me that LAID-PA-1 is still butt hurt because he has no job. Every PA1 should be required to at least have 2 years of CO experience. If you don’t like the Department then don’t come back!

    • LAID-OFF-PA-I says:

      your right, I am a little butt hurt that well qualified parole agents were laid off, because we lacked seniority. However, that has nothing to do with the issue I have been debating.

      FYI- qualifications for a parole agent should be much higher than currently required. A parole agent should be required to have the following qualifications;

      #1- Have a (BA) Bachelors Degree in the field of Psychology, Sociology, related field, or higher.

      #2-2 years of street law enforcement experience, either as a police officer or probation officer.

      #3-2 years of casework experience.

      I have ALL the above, including working 8 years for the Federal Bureau of Prisons, in Victorville. I’ve worked as a C/O, Correctional Counselor & Supervisor. So, as you can see, Im very qualified.

      • 1962 says:

        And you still got laid off!

        Maybe you weren’t very good at any one thing as to the reason you have worked so many previous positions.
        Don’t need a bachelors in Psychology, Sociology etc. to be a parole agent. Isn’t that why we have POC staff?

  16. pacovilla says:

    I am confused. Isn’t 4 more than 2?

  17. Donkey Punch says:

    What a crap deal. Even SEIU got a 2% compounding raise.

    • LAID-OFF-PA-I says:

      Donkey Punch, are you seriously complaining about NOT getting a big enough raise? CDCR staff are paid way too much, especially the C/O’s!!! Do you know what the average wage for a C/ O is in the United States? It’s $18 an hour!!! CDCR C/ O’s top out at $37.50 an hour, and that doesn’t include OT!!!! I’m sorry, CDCR C/O’s are over paid!!!

      In my opinion, we should be contributing more to our retirement, medical and dental. CDCR employees are paid enough!!!! We do NOT need anymore perks for our job!!!! We get paid plenty of money, retirement, medical and dental benefits. As a matter of fact, I believe all CDCR peace officers should be under the new 2% at 55 retirement plan.

      This would save the tax payers, and the State of California, a ton of money in the future!!! Furthermore, shortening the C/O Academy is a bad idea, it should be longer!!! By shortening the C/ O Academy, CDCR will lose credibility and respect from other law enforcement departments around the state.

      Also, I am a former Parole Agent who believes my pay was too high. Furthermore, I was willing to pay more into my retirement, medical and dental. You should be thankful for the amount of money you make, and stop asking for more.

      • kl2008a says:

        If you believed your pay was too high I have just one question for you. How much of it did you voluntarily GIVE back to the State? Yeah, that’s what I figured. As for comparing California CDC CO’s pay to that of other States, why don’t you look at the cost of living for living in those States paying much less, as well as their MQ’s for the job. In a different post you said that CDC CO’s should be paid in comparison to what local PD’s make. In case you weren’t aware of it (and being a “Laid-off-PA1” you probably weren’t around) when that had been negotiated for in a much earlier contract, and several years later removed. Lastly, let’s talk fundamental fairness here. Why is it that Unit 6 staff have to pay more into their retirement when the State is making the additional retirement contributions for those in Unit 7 (CHP)? I do agree with you that the Academy should not have been shortened, however, we can all feel your resentment from being laid off, and your statement “CDCR will lose credibility and respect from other law enforcement departments around the state.” makes me wonder WHY DO YOU CARE?

      • Donkey Punch says:

        Go work for the counties and earn 1/2 of what a Parole Agent earns without safety retirement. All I know is that a 4% raise over years, after subtracting 2% for retirement = a 2% raise. Last time a checked, the price of gas, home utilities, and everything else in life keeps going up. I am grateful for my job and will move anywhere in CA if necessary to make it to age 50. After getting raped by Arnold with MJ’s help for years, I’m not giving CDCR anymore freebies. CDCR CO’s are not overpaid. How much would it take for you to get crap thrown in your face, assaulted and harassed on a daily basis? Oh wait, you’re a laid off PA1 so you ran away from a CO job to chose unemployment. Ok, that’s a personal decision with many facets, but the reality is that topped out CO pay wasn’t enough to even attract you to that job with all the BS that comes with it on a daily basis. Really? When I signed on, I agreed to a specific retirement plan, which is what the courts consider a contract. In case you didn’t know, the legislature gave all their staff a 5% raise, so yes, this contract blows.

        • LAID-OFF-PA-I says:

          Donkey Punch, I did not run away from a C/O job. I’m not going to get into the reason why I had to take the layoff. There are issues in life that require you to be close to home in order to take care of a family member. So, please, be careful when you decide to make a comment like that.

          Yes, I did try a hardship and it was turned down for a BS reason. Had I been laid off in the third wave, it would have all worked out. By the way, I worked in a prison before I came to work for CDCR. Therefore, I know what it’s like to have shit and piss thrown at you. That being said, I still feel C/O’s & Parole Agents are paid enough money, and they shouldn’t be getting a raise!!

          What I want to bring to your attention is, what about the tax payers? You know, the people who pay your salary, retirement and medical benefits. THEY DON’T GET A RAISE , and their cost of living is going up just like yours. If CDCR continues to get raises, taxes will go up for those who pay your salary. Believe me, if this continues, it will help run all the tax payers out of California. By the way, it’s already happening!!!

          So my question is, who’s going to pay for your salary, and retirement, when there are not enough tax payers left? Let me guess, your answer is, ” I’ll be retired when that happens”. FYI, the state was very close to going bankrupt because of the Government over spending and Union deals. What if this happens? What happens to your retirement then? Unions, like CCPOA, need to be mindful of the tax payers, before they give more money to a group of already well paid individuals.

          • Donkey Punch says:

            Laid off PA-1 – go work for the county as a PO or CO, and move on. I’m not giving up anything. State of CA doesn’t give a crap about me or you – you’re laid off after they are hiring back 100 LT PA1’s. Sorry to see you go, but I earn every penny of my salary. If you feel you were overpaid, go volunteer somewhere to make yourself feel better. I will do what it takes, even taking a job in the prison, to make to 50 to finish my stint.

            • LAID-OFF-PA-I says:

              Donkey Punch, I just don’t feel anyone, from CDCR, should be getting a raise right now. However, your right, CDCR doesn’t give a crap about you or me. They promised me, and many others in the PA Academy, that we would never lose our jobs with CDCR. So, your dead on about CDCR not giving a crap!!! I understand your getting everything you can, and I hope you get it. FYI-I’m currently in the process of being hired by a very well respected state law enforcement agency. I’m hoping to be working soon. Take care, and watch your back inside those institutions.

              • Bob Walsh says:

                I “may possibly” be the next pope. Probably not, as I am not Catholic and am not even a monotheist, but it IS POSSIBLE, at least to the extent it isn’t totally impossible.

              • LAID-OFF-PA-I says:

                PACO, it doesn’t bother me that you called me arrogant. I can deal with it. I was not putting down you, your readers or bloggers. Your comments regarding my grammar, punctuation, and writing skills do not bug me. I know how to write, and I believe my current posts have shown that. Regarding the MQ’s for Parole Agent, I feel more qualifications should be required to attain the job. Should I feel bad for having all those qualifications? At any rate, your right, I’m arrogant. Have a nice day PACO.

                • pacovilla says:

                  In retrospect, I long ago promised myself I wouldn’t go off on readers as it is unseemly and immature. In that context, I stipulate it was, in fact, an attack and offer my unqualified apology. I have omitted my offending comments, and your reply (as it is confusing when one is responding to nothing). I wish you only the best. -Jeff

                  • LAID-OFF-PA-I says:

                    It’s no big deal Paco. Seriously, it’s not a problem at all. You didn’t need to apologize. I can see where my posts could offend your readers. So If I offended you, your readers or bloggers in anyway, I apologize. That wasn’t my intention at all. Have a good day and keep up the good work on your site.

            • kl2008a says:

              Donkey Punch, while CDC could give two shitz about me, you, LAID-OFF-PA-I, or any others, the ones with a seniority number lower than you do care, well in a sense anyway. When you’re gone, whether it be by quitting, getting canned, or dying, you’ll at least make THEM happy because they just got one hand up on the seniority shit stick. Oh I almost forgot, the others that your leaving would make happy are those looking for your parking space. Now, don’t that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Remember to stay safe and to do your 8, then hit the gate, and by God, don’t be late!

      • FXSTC1 says:

        If you think your pay was too high then it was too high. Mine was not high enough. Not to strive is not to live.