Calaveras County slammer will max out…with realignment prisoners

Dec 12th, 2011 | By | Category: Jails, Realignment

The county hospitality center in Calaveras County will max out by this coming summer, with realignment prisoners, according to the District Attorney, Barbara Yook.

Yook said that the jail, which holds 65 prisoners, will have about 40 realignment prisoners in it by this coming summer.  She is worried that this will make it more difficult to lock up probation violators, druggies, and others who need a brief stay off the streets.

A new jail is under construction but will not be operational until 2013.

Calaveras County has gone heavily into home electronic monitoring, which has made it possible to free up some bed space.  There are currently four realignment prisoners in the jail, and county probation is supervising an additional four who would be on state parole in other times.  Yook also says that they are having a problem with people who would rather do their time in jail instead of in treatment and on monitoring.  She believes they will have a crime surge once the jail maxes out and the local criminals realize that there is no place to lock them up.

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