Bystanders help themselves to drugs and cash during chase and crash

Aug 2nd, 2012 | By | Category: Crime In General

The locals helped themselves to skittles and dead presidents during a police chase in LA.

The bad guy drove the wrong way down Fourth St. in LA, crashing into two parked cars near a crowed that was watching a music video shoot.  The driver tossed both drugs and money out of the SUV as he was fleeing the cops.  Strangely, the drugs and cash were all gone by the time the cops backtracked to the skid row area.

A passenger in one of the hit cars was injured.  The driver of the Land Rover was arrested.  Cops found some drugs and cash in the car, so his generosity to the denizens of skid row will not materially affect his case.

Clicking here will link to a LA Weekly piece on this story.  Thanks to Caroline for the link.

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