Bribing parolees toward self-improvement

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BobsNewsflash[1],jpgThere is a very interesting piece from two days ago the Fresno Bee via CorrectionsOne linked here about the department bribing parolees to participate in self-betterment programs.

It seems that CDCr is kicking down gigt cards, value between $40 and $150, purchased with state money, to parolees to attend classes and otherwise attempt (or pretend to attempt) to better themselves.  The program is currently operational in Stockton and is being fired up in Fresno.

Robert Ambroselli, currently the Region I parole administrator, is quoted as saying that the Stockton program is already making an impression on parolees, whatever that means.  (It could mean that it is impressing the parolees with how stupid the department is.)

The gift cards are for sandwich shops, department stores, movie theaters and adult book stores.  (OK, I made that last one up.  I think.)

Fesno County Sheriff Margaret Mims is quoted as saying, “I hope it works, but I am not sure it will.”

The article is worth the read.

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One Comment to “Bribing parolees toward self-improvement”

  1. PA I says:

    This is an old practice as the Parolee Day Reporting Centers (at least in Region III, Los Angeles County) oh wait it’s now been renamed South Region.. Sorry I dated myself.. Back to the case in point, Parolee Service Centers gave gift cards out to Parolees for places like Target or Subway for attending counseling/services for the last coupleof years. My experience, I made hundreds of referrals of my caseload that were unemployed and needed additional accountablility. Even the few that had jobs, if they were fresh out of the “can” then they gonna better themselves and attend services for at least sobriety reasons u know. Giving out free b’s is what the state is good at u know.