BOD votes to recommend YES on TA

Mar 21st, 2011 | By | Category: Negotiations

Voting just before 5:00 p.m. today the Board of Directors of CCPOA voted to recommend a “Yes” vote on the Tentative Agreement to the general membership.  The vote was 47-4 with six abstentions.  Interestingly enough, the whole Executive Council except Mike Jimenez abstained.  I am sure there is a subtext of interest there, I am just not sure what it is.

Everybody who voiced an opinion said the agreement was crappy, but no one said that they thought they could do better. 

I am not going to try to touch bases on everything, it would be pretty much impossible without printing out a copy of the TA itself.  I will, however, hit a few highlights.

A major broadening of parameters for when the Department, and can not, demand sick leave verification is part of the TA.

Unit 6 will be paying an additional 3% into their retirement.  (As is everybody else I think.)

Holidays will now pay double-time, as opposed to the old 1.5 time plus 8 hours of holiday time.  There will now be no mechanism to earn holiday time.  Holiday relief officers will go away, though the state still has an obligation to allow people to burn existing holiday time.

The 12-hour shift proposal is dead, at least for the term of this contract.

Two holidays are gone. 

Unit 6 will get two “personal development” days.  These are a use-it-or-lose-it proposition and carry no direct cash value.

On July 1 every Unit 6 employee loses 1 hr of Vacation time, which goes into RTB. 

The annual leave program will NOT be made mandatory.

Fine details of language are still being smoothed out and typos discovered and corrected.  You will get a hard copy of the proposal before you are asked to vote on it.  This is a big deal people.  Those of you who still have skin in the game should read it carefully. 

I honestly think that this is likely the best deal that can be had for Unit 6 at this time under these circumstances.  You are all adults, think it over and make your choice.

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207 Comments to “BOD votes to recommend YES on TA”

  1. Stan smith says:

    This is the worst t/a ccpoa has presented to it’s members. Plp ( furlough day with a different name), notes for sick days, no substantial pay increase, elimination of holiday accrual, no poff 2 anymore. We have given the state plenty of our time with the furlough days. It is time our association bargained for a better t/a. We would be better off keeping the current lbf contract than to pass this crap. Ccpoa please go back to dpa and bargain with the members in mind. Don’t bargain for the politicians. This t/a is what the politicians want us to have. Tell them no, and walkout until we get a contract the members want. Don’t give us the bs that this is the best you could get during these bad economic times. You can get better! Once again remember we were the only law enforcement agency to get furloughs forced on us. We have given enough and the state needs to give back for our sacrifices. I will be casting a no vote for this t/a sham.

  2. CodeBROWN says:

    Why would you vote in a contract that takes everything? I say the furloughs will be over in a few months so we should wait, my vote will be HELL NO! It’s not what you think people, let’s hope ccpoa is honest ,,,,, well hell google Mike J,,,,, How much stuff has the union gave us……. Nothing ……. The union can win a lawsuit and have the victory taken away the next week,,,,,, ask yourself why. No, no , no

  3. VOTE/NO says:

    look even rest of the unions and people think we got the worst TA. count my NO vote in. 42% look at this

    • pacovilla says:

      That may be VOTE/NO but, in fairness, CCPOA members dominate the state worker comment threads and we already know most of them don’t like it. It may simply be a reflection of CCPOA member sentiments rather than what the plumbers and meat inspectors think of it.

  4. TG says:

    The EC sold us out due to the fear of 12 hour shifts.

    • PoopyPants says:

      There were just too many issues (most of them costly) with going to 12 hour shifts for it to even be a distant reality. Rebid (we just did that), coverage logistics, the issue of a 12 hour day and only 8 hours sick accrual, the overtime issue as it is my understanding that to implement this would require a change to state law without the requirement to pay overtime to everyone and or an agreement by CCPOA. This was tried in Nevada and it failed, our system is MUCH MUCH larger and more complex it just wouldn’t work so the threat was a paper tiger, it apparently worked.

    • carlyncw says:

      just went to and went over the other mou’s and found that most all had an different but equal to what I am seeing in the TA stuff listed for unit 6, only thing dif is the holliday most mou still get book time. i just do not understand Why unit 6 is not there. what are they trying to hide ???

    • TG says:

      If the state thinks they will save money with 12hr shifts they will still want them 2yrs from now when we renegotiate, then Maybe Chuck can give them half of our vacation time too.

  5. Big_E says:

    Like what MJ said to Arnold–MJ can go f’ himself too. That means HELL NO! to the TA.

  6. AJ says:

    And just think Arnold gave us 15% on the last best offer!!

    Good going MJ!! How bout some F*ck Arnold jokes now?

    Where the $35 a month Screw Arnold money now!!!

    Go ahead and vote against this contract. I am sure Jerry is ready to bend you all over and white wash your tonsils.

    • PoopyPants says:

      It’s positively going to fail miserably.

      The ONLY way this passes is if people just don’t read it, they open it check YES and send it back. If CCPOA is counting these then this is an easy pass vote.

      White wash my balls. I’ve been given 3 pink slips, lost $20,000, another $14,000 and now this? I don’t really give a shit. NO VOTE

  7. Bigcurt says:

    I care about 12 hour shifts and just about every c/o I talked with cares about 12 hour shifts, don’t be a hater, lets move forward with it and save the state some money and get some much needed time off to be with our family.

    • C/o Csp-Cor says:

      What time off are you talking about? The 11 holidays that they are going to take from US? And are you wanting 12hr shifts?

    • CodeBROWN says:

      12 hour shifts is coming just not now,,,,,,, stop kidding yourself.

  8. SoundsGreat says:

    Rumor is dues are going up $37 a year. FOR ?

  9. SmellsLikePoop says:

    If they ask you for a note you get paid for the time, get that money every time and write down which supervisor told you to get the note and what time and I would take it one step further and be sure you use your cell phone to call in so you have a record on your bill. They often like to play the “I never asked for a note” game so they don’t have to pay, no you did ask for a note now pay me.

    here is a solution to the parole agent issue…

    There are going to be limited parolees right? well aren’t the agents overloaded right now and a lot of parolees go unsupervised for long periods of time because agents are swamped? I say double up, have these animals watched and managed by more than one agent or spread the remaining parolees among the agents so they have very light case loads and there will be better supervision and follow ups.