Bloody Easter Weekend In Chicago

Apr 21st, 2014 | By | Category: Katz Litterbox

katz-litter4Nine people were shot dead and at least 36 wounded in 48 hours

The city with some of the nation’s strictest gun control laws is like the Timex that keeps right on ticking, only it’s the shootings that keep going on and on. During a 48-hour period this Easter weekend, nine people were shot dead and at least 36 were wounded.

The worst of the shooting occurred Sunday around 7:30 p.m. when a group of children, ages 11 to 15, were walking home on South Michigan Avenue after playing in a park. A car stopped by the group and one of the occupants asked if they belonged to a gang. Gunfire erupted from the car before anyone answered. Five kids in the group were wounded. 23 shell casings were found at the scene.

A 15-year-old girl was wounded while riding in a car during another gang related shooting.

In another shooting, a Cook County jail correctional officer shot his wife to death before turning the gun on himself. His wife was a Chicago police officer.

Thus far this year, 85 people have been murdered in Chicago. Last year the city experienced 431 homicides. In 2012 more than 500 Chicagoans were slain.

Hey, Mayor Rahm Emanuel, how are them thar gun controls working for you?

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One Comment to “Bloody Easter Weekend In Chicago”

  1. Bob Walsh says:

    Being liberal means never having to say you are wrong. Its always “IF ONLY”, i.e. if only we had more resources, if only we had more money, if only we could stop people from bringing in guns from elsewhere, if only we could TOTALLY ELIMINATE guns,if only if only if only. They seem to ignore the notion of throwing the violent jerkoffs in prison, but that might be considered to be judgmental by many. Maybe Al and Jesse should speak up. Were any of them black and also shot by white people? That might do it, but most crimes against blacks is committed by blacks, so I guess that doesn’t count.