Bill would lease prison ‘naming rights’

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Quirk Bill proposes selling ‘naming rights’ for prisons

AB976/SB976 is expected to pass handily, with the Governor promising to sign it into law.

AB976/SB976 is expected to pass handily, with the Governor promising to sign it into law.  Democrat Bill Quirk says it will “defray rising prison costs.”

AB976 would “monetize” prisons, add logos to guard uniforms
Sam Gallagher | Capitol Weakly

SACRAMENTO-Faced with the inevitability of additional prison construction, California State Assembly-Member Bill Quirk (D-Hayward) is proposing an unorthodox method of revenue generation: Leasing naming rights for new and existing prisons.

“Following the time proven model employed by stadium and arena operators, AB976 authorizes the state to auction naming rights to the highest bidder,” says Member Quirk. “The law would also authorize the placement of the winning bidder’s logo patches on CDCR uniforms and decals on official vehicles, a solid revenue source derived from NASCAR and other competitive concerns.”
Under the proposed statute, each CDCR prison and CalFire Camp would have four-year leases on “naming rights” placed up for auctions to be conducted by the State Controller’s Office. Winning individuals or corporations would then be responsible for changing existing facility signs to reflect their names and logos.

Should the winning bidder provide them, logo patches would be affixed to all of the guard’s uniforms and coats for the term of the lease–The State is required to negotiate with the guards union, the California Correctional Peace Officers Association (CCPOA), over the cost and procedure for “monetizing regulation outerwear.”

CCPOA spokesman JeVaughn Baker tells Capitol Weekly the union has no “official” position on the bill.

“It is our current policy to give the governor some breathing room when it comes to funding the correctional system,” Baker said.  “If corporations are willing to pay for the right to name a prison, we have no issues with that in general.”

The Legislative Analysts Office analysis of AB976 described potential revenue as “unpredictable and possibly nil,” raising questions as to whether businesses would see value in “name recognition tied to a state prison.”

Assembly-Member Quirk responded to the report by issuing a list of 27 businesses, organizations and individuals expressing interest in the proposed auctions.  Topping the list was Go-Daddy Inc., Amway International and Verizon Wireless…(Full text at  Capitol Weakly)

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3 Comments to “Bill would lease prison ‘naming rights’”

  1. kl2008a says:

    Monostat cream, Massengill and Summer’s Eve would jump on getting the naming rights for the women’s joints. as would Trojan, Magnum, etc. for the men’s. Besides, I think it would only be fitting, since we have some inmates (and Administrators and other employees) that exemplify the calling of being scumbags or douche bags.

  2. Gadfly says:

    I think Preparation H would sponsor a number of men’s prisons in a swollen moment!

  3. Oomph says:

    In my signing deal, i request with my agent, to be sponsored by remington ammunition and firearms……and maybe Monster drinks if i meet my preset goals of making the Gold star team. And maybe thunder valley or a nice vegas casino, RIO. ! Work that deal out ccpoa!!!!!!!, get paid!!!!!!!! It will make up for crappy contracts and losing the walk time cases and all the other stuff whiners want