Bill would create new peace officer bargaining unit

Jul 1st, 2012 | By | Category: Politics-General, Politics-Relevant;, Unions

If SB 252, proposed by Senator Juan Vargas (D-San Diego) becomes law peace officers currently in Bargaining Unit #7 would be able to spin off their own bargaining unit.

The group is currently about 34% peace officers and 66% non-peace officers and includes such diverse groups as Drivers License Examiner and Milk Inspectors.  The group is currently represented by the CSLEA, California State Law Enforcement Association.  The peace officers in this group feel they are being held back by the non=peace officers in the group and that they would get a better deal on their own.

The move is supported by the State Park Police Association.

It is being opposed by CCPOA.  I kind of wonder why.  It’s no skin off our nose.  Maybe it’s just me, but it seems kind of petty.

Clicking here will link to a State Worker Blog piece on this story.

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