Bill to arm state hospital police (maybe sort-of) moves forward

Jun 2nd, 2012 | By | Category: Firearms, Politics-Relevant;

A somewhat watered down legislative proposal to arm the police that protect state hospitals moved out of the assembly on a 71-0 vote yesterday.

The measure, AB2623, would, if passed into law, develop a policy for arming state hospital police officers.  This is only slightly different from the current law, which allows the department to determine when and how to arm the 800 officers.  So far, they just don’t.  The bill will not really compel the department to do anything other than develop a policy.  That policy can still say NO, it will just be harder to justify.

Clicking here will link to a pretty decent State Workers Blog piece on this story, complete with some bill language.


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3 Comments to “Bill to arm state hospital police (maybe sort-of) moves forward”

  1. stone cold says:

    P.S. Scott Walker wins, look out state union employees the devil is coming soon to a state near you, and your pensions are gone!

  2. stone cold says:

    @ Frank, i think the people that believe that crap should work level 4 at pbsp mainline for a week. Probably some liberal welfare sucking nut bag would say or believe the state doesn’t need us cops. Maybe they think if they get rid of all union state employees that they will get a raise on there welfare checks. Or E.B.T. cards that they was using at stripper clubs and casino’s. What a jacked up state!

  3. Frank says:

    Reading some of the comments people have written scares me. One moron suggests we should not have peace officers working for the state. Another one thinks us peace officers only want to get injured and get a medical retirement. Law enforcement is a very dangerous job and I encourage the idiots who write such stupid b.s. should go on a ride along or take a tour of any prison or state hospital. What scares me the most, is they believe themselves and their opinions. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but these folks should do some research before they make such idiotic comments.