Baltimore City Jail More Like A Mexican Jail

Dec 17th, 2013 | By | Category: Cell phones, Katz Litterbox, Prison Gangs

katz-litter427 correctional officers busted for being in cahoots with the Black Guerilla Family

Columnist Mona Charen reports that the feds say the Black Guerilla Family prison gang controlled the Baltimore City jail. According to a federal indictment, 27 correctional officers, along with 17 others, “were in bed with BGF inmates.” That would be literally and figuratively. Gang leader Tavon White impregnated no fewer than four female guards. One had “Tavon” tattooed on her wrist. Guards smuggled in cellphones, drugs and other contraband. Inmates who were not gang members were forced to pay protection money to the BGF, or get family members to do so.

According to the indictment, White boasted of his control of the prison on his prohibited cellphone: “This is my jail. You understand that? I’m dead serious … I make every final call in this jail … and nothing go past me … Any of my brothers that deal with anybody, it’s gonna come to me. Before (somebody) stab somebody, they gotta run it through me.”

The indictment charges that participating guards and BGF members profited from “drug trafficking, robbery, assault, extortion, bribery, witness retaliation, money laundering and obstruction of justice.

White obviously had a ball while it lasted, knocking up four women correctional officers.  The Baltimore City jail must have been modeled after some of Mexico’s finest penal institutions.

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One Comment to “Baltimore City Jail More Like A Mexican Jail”

  1. Bob Walsh says:

    If I remember correctly the officials blamed the fact that they hired people as young as 18 to be jail guards, they said the group lacked the maturity for the job. I suspect that is an overly simiplistic answer to the problem.