Assembly Dems propose, reject realignment reform

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Parole agent resurgence rejected: Probation to arms

Tom Ammiano chairs the Public Safety Committee where he stalwartly protects the Public from being safe.

San Francisco’s Tom Ammiano chairs the Public Safety Committee where he steadfastly protects the public from being safe.

Assembly rejects bills to put parolee supervision back on state

By Brad Branan | Sacramento Bee

California lawmakers rejected proposals Tuesday to give state parole officers greater authority over released inmates now being watched by counties…

The bills in the Assembly Public Safety Committee responded to a 2011…realignment plan to address a federal prison overcrowding lawsuit and state budget problems.

Law enforcement groups said the change has left county probation departments watching a more sophisticated population at the same time that they have weathered staff cuts due to local budget woes. The groups suggested that a potentially dangerous group of former offenders lacks sufficient supervision…

…Assembly Bill 1449 by Assemblyman V. Manuel Pérez would have placed under parole individuals released from prison with a serious prior conviction at any point in his or her history.

AB 1449 had the support of the California Police Chiefs Association, the California District Attorneys Association and other law enforcement organizations…

Similarly, AB 1901 by Assemblyman Al Muratsuchi, D-Torrance, would have allowed judges to determine whether a parolee should be placed under state or county supervision…

But the Assembly Public Safety Committee rejected both bills…

…[the committee] approved AB 2314, which would require chief probation officers to write policies about carrying guns…(Full text at Sacramento Bee)

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One Comment to “Assembly Dems propose, reject realignment reform”

  1. Bob Walsh says:

    This would have been an admission that the legislature blew it. They don’t want to concede that they blew it or that these criminals are not automatically warm and fuzzy after having been realigned. There are none so blind as those who will not see.