Are parole job cuts being accelerated?

Aug 23rd, 2012 | By | Category: Furloughs & Layoffs

Has anybody heard anything about the wave of parole agent layoffs expected for next spring being moved up to the end of this year?  If anybody has any hard information, preferably with documentation, I would appreciate knowing about it.

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35 Comments to “Are parole job cuts being accelerated?”

  1. kl2008a says:

    Wait one dam minute. How’d this go from dealing with CDC layoffs to a Chippie forum? We could all bag on each other all day, but this blog was dealing with proving information/insight to folks about the impending layoffs. Stay focused.

  2. Penaltybox66 says:

    Hey 007,

    I worked for CDC and I’ve currently working for a local police agency in Northern CA. Your blanket generalization of all CDC employees is ridiculous. You can easily substitute “CO” for “Jew”, “Black”, “Asian” or any other group. I find your remark ignorant and arrogant. I can only imagine how you treat any group of people you don’t respect or find inferior.

    EVERY agency has problems. The CHP is not mutually exclusive. The CHP hiring process, maybe slightly harder to pass than a COs. I also admit, the academy is much tougher than a COs academy. However, you specialize in traffic. What’s the saying, “any road, any code?” COs specialize in inmate supervision. Understand the differences and appreciate the tasks at hand. Afterall, you wouldn’t go see a foot doctor if your head hurts right?

    I can be less than professional and give you stories about the CHP, who were fired/arrested in my area. However, I would be disrespecting those who wear the CHP badge and protect our citizens. I would also be disrespecting all the CHP Officers KIA.

    As a fellow police officer to another, be professional.

  3. stone cold says:

    Wow, super CHP Guy. I have several C.H.P. friends that have told me they would never work inside the walls around convicted felons, without a gun on them at all times. When i explained the job they said forget that. Also my city and county cops friends like to peg CHP, as overpaid AAA service. Hum?

  4. Superdog says:

    Spoken like a true blue socker! Your compassion towards others alarms me. I to have many years of service in the State of Ca. In several agencies. I certainly know that chp is a good agency but only for those who like to be brainwashed. Your a traffic cop and I am sure a fine one. This blog is not about you and what you have accomplished. Chp has many problems too. Get off your selfish high horse as many of us are losing more than our jobs!

  5. Bond007 says:

    I first joined the CDCR in the 1990’s. I never liked the work or the people that worked for them. I immediately tested and was hired as a CHP officer. I was stationed for years in the central valley. I must have written hundreds of tickets to staff members to and from work, and while they were off duty. They gave me more problems than the general public with their “I am a peace officer” baloney. I actually had a black female Correctional Sgt. exit her vehicle and assault me. She went to jail that day and in uniform. I would feel sorry for the layoffs taking place within this department, but, just can’t at this time. I am now stationed in a quiet, serene area and only have a few years left. Our department is well managed, trained, and without a doubt, the best agency in state service!

    • Bob Walsh says:

      Just for the record, CDCr employs about ten times as many peace officers as does the CHP, so it is reasonable to expect ten times the number of assholes. I will happily grant you that CHP is more professionally managed than CDCr, but you have your share of assholes too. A former CDCr employee who became a CHP officere and was selling drugs out of the evidence locker comes to mind immediately. Another CHP officer who was raping young women while on duty, and who murdered one some years ago, also comes to mind. You guys do a hard job under difficult circumstances and, generally speaking, you do it well. That being said, CDCr isn’t a collection of arrogant jerks, and the CHP is not made up of saints and demi-gods.

      • stone cold says:

        Also James Bond guy, i worked the central valley area, for 15 years and observed your speed traps that were set up almost daily. Always noticed your fellow chp buddy’s pulling over C/O’s. daily. Never heard much nice about any of your fellow buddy’s.

    • West40 says:

      Have a care Bond007, Eventually everybody takes a cut, Remember the old State Police?. Every county has a sheriff’s Deaprtment which is also on the highways and can also do the job.

    • Bing says:

      Whats really sad is you dishonor you fallen brother on the 680 with this talk. It always seems the CHP Officers that work closer to the prisons instinctively dislike CO’s. I personally know CHP Officers in the S F Bayarea who still believe in the brotherhood and realize there are bad cops in all Departments.

    • A . Ross says:

      007, why did you write your little piece there? What was your motive? To blow your horn, what you think you have can be taken away in a minute! I showed this to my CHP brother and he could not believe that you posted such an arrogant, ignorant , selfish rant. We came to the conclusion that you are one of the ten percent shitbirds that has no life. What a shame!

  6. Superdog says:

    As I understand it, there are still 30 to 35 Retired Annuitants working in CDCR. This is Blatantly a slap in the face of all the rest of the full time employees trying to keep there jobs. Take some action CCPOA!!

    • Bob Walsh says:

      I am not sure I would recommend that you hold your breath on that one.l

    • 1962 says:

      There at two RA’s definitely in Region 3, but I heard there are several more. Must be nice getting those extra bucks for basically doing nothing.

  7. stone cold says:

    Just wondering why they are laying people off when some prison’s still have C/O’s getting 10 doubles a month. STUPID!

  8. Niner68 says:

    Not good!!

  9. Superdog says:

    Per the PAAC President, Melinda Silva ; “We have been advised that there will be a “Wave 2.5” for layoffs. CCPOA has not yet received a notice, but we anticipate it will be starting soon. There are no definitive numbers, but it is reported that “Wave 2.5” will be Parole Agents only and will be much larger than the previous wave”.

    The State continues to make is own rules and change things as needed. Obviously Ambro was doing what he could for us so they moved him. Good luck to everyone out there as nothing seems to be equal for all alike.

  10. Taxman says:

    Either way it is a very screwed up for everyone. We have a “Town Hall” meeting at SQ tomorrow. If I can get any solid information I will post it hear.

  11. Taxman says:

    In all seriousness. How can they let PA’s come back to the Institutions when they are about to lay off 2,100 to 2,800 C.O.s.

    • 1962 says:

      B-06 seniority. I’ll be surprised if they let PA’s back into the institutions though.

  12. Bing says:

    Best advice. If you do not have alot of time contact the Union to negotiate transfers again because it looks like there not doing it this time. Or if prisons do not appeal to you go there then look for another Department.The State of California POST website posts all Police jobs in California. USAJOBS. ORG also good for fed jobs. Oh and Probation is hiring. WTF Good luck

  13. bulldogger says:

    Some agents didn’t get options because they were never CO’s and didn’t bid when offered. They will be laid off.

  14. james bingley says:

    Some notices i read gave no options just the layoff date in october.

  15. Big_E says:

    I heard Wave 4 is going to be the big one and there are going to be two regions statewide. Hopefully, CCPOA will let PA’s go back but we’re still held to the Counties were in, as to bumping rights.

    • 1962 says:

      Some agents who were C/O’s and have a bit of time, may be getting screwed if layed off in a county with no prison.

  16. 1962 says:

    I was told that they’re gonna layoff agents with 10 years and less this December and up to a massive 60% cut in DAPO next April. The four DAPO regions will merge into just two. Ambroselli was supposedly forced out because he was holding up the pace of the reductions.
    Its really slow at work, we have lost a ton of cases.

  17. C Wilson says:

    Regarding the Wave 2.5 ORPs that were mailed out — did I miss something? The only information I received regarding this wave was via the CDCR eMail Blast and the fact that I got a package in the mail. Nothing noted on the PAC nor CCPOA website —

    Also, note to personnel services, you mailed out over 6,000 packets and we’ve been told to fax the completed docs when completed — Only one (1) Fax Number! Good luck getting through.

  18. bulldogger says:

    Thank you Gadfly I do have an option of going back as a Sgt but it would be to prison 21/2 hours from my home. I ould do it when I was younger but I’m getting old

  19. bulldogger says:

    I got my layoff/placement options packet today and it looks grim. Decisions must be made and the packet sent back in to Sac by next friday. It gives a layoff date on Oct 31 you are given an option of choosing a demotion if you qualify but the process appears similar to the bid so you are not guarrented a spot.

  20. pacovilla says:

    I have been told Margarita Perez held a meeting this week to announce another wave of layoffs, “wave 2.5,” in December, and the merger of the 4 regions to 2. 700 staff are said to be on the chopping block.

    • Bob Walsh says:

      Wave 2.5 is the same phrase I was given, and I was told the paperwork is going to start flowing any day. Hell of a Christmas present, isn’t it. With the division shrinking the cutback on administration makes sense, though the spread-out geography will still be an issue..