a(nother) murder at VSPW!

Dec 21st, 2005 | By | Category: Miscellany

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An inmate at Valley State Prison for Women in Chowchilla died Tuesday morning in an apparent homicide involving another female prisoner, officials said. It was the first inmate homicide in a California women’s prison, officials said.

The victim, 30, was pronounced dead at 10:02 a.m. following a confrontation with the 29-year-old suspect that began an hour earlier in the prison’s security housing unit. (LA Times).

Deja vu! This all seems so familiar. Say, didn’t VSPW deny the occurrence of a homicide there back in October? And, aren’t these the same stakeholders Jackie Speier wants placed in the community? What’s the story?

“This has been a very distressing event,” (DORC prevaricator Terry) Thornton said. “We are looking for answers”(LA Times).

Why is this incident so “distressing?” Perhaps Spud and the rest of the Special Needs Team realize this will make it difficult to justify closing VSPW inasmuch as it exposes the truth: inmates are inmates AND inmates are dangerous (the lack of a penis not withstanding).

On the other hand, it must be acknowledged that the deceased would still be alive if Spud and the Box had their way. She and her killer would be housed in a neighborhood somewhere–VSPW being long ago deactivated. And, away from the hateful guards and oppressive environment, the two would have undoubtedly busied themselves knitting winter garments for inner-city orphans…

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