An interesting look at California’s pseudo-death penalty

Aug 1st, 2012 | By | Category: Alternatives to Public Safety, Crime and Non-Punishment, Death Penalty


Debra Saunders is the token not-liberal on the staff of the S. F. Chronicle.  Her column today linked here from the Stockton RECORD is about the non-functional death penalty in the formerly great state of California,  and why it is non-functional.

Ms. Saunder’s opines that, at least for the last two years, the reason that California has not managed to restructure it’s death penalty into something workable is that both Jerry Brown and Kamala Harris are personally, strongly, and openly opposed to it.  Theyh both pledged to enforce the current law, but are clearly not truly interested in doing so.

In point of fact the State of California is actively opposing the efforts of Steve Cooley to force the state to make the switch to the single-drug execution protocol now in use in other states and already approved by federal courts.

It is a very good piece and well worth the read.

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