Special place in Hell: Mesinas, party of one!

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Correctional officers are charged with protecting offenders like Carlos Guadalupe Mesinas.  When inmates assault inmates, it means the system failed.  It is, after all, an imperfect system.

Correctional officers are charged with protecting offenders like Carlos Guadalupe Mesinas. When inmates assault inmates, it means the system failed. It is, after all, an imperfect system.

Prosecutors say 11-year sentence for rape of disabled girl was too light

By Andy Furillo | Sacramento Bee

Sacramento prosecutors think the 11-year sentence a man received Monday for raping his severely disabled stepdaughter was too light, and they hope the case catches the attention of a lawmaker who might want to toughen future terms.

Superior Court Judge Ben Davidian gave Carlos Guadalupe Mesinas every day of the maximum that was available to him, after Deputy District Attorney Amy Holliday explained why 11 years was as much as the law allows…

Mesinas, 27, sat with his right hand shielding his face from media cameras during his sentencing hearing. Jurors convicted him July 22 on a three-count complaint related to the June 14, 2012, rape of the girl with cerebral palsy who cannot speak or walk. She was 14 years old at the time of the offense.

He was arrested after the girl’s mother, who had been concerned about Mesinas’ admitted infidelities, perused his cellphone and came across a video he made of his sexual attack on the girl…

“Her screams as he raped her are seared into my brain,” Judge Davidian said in court Monday.

Mailyn Chuong, a victim’s advocate for the District Attorney’s Office, read the girl’s mother’s impact statement at Mesinas’ sentencing…

She said in the statement that Mesinas had been a good provider and helped her care for the disabled daughter. She said the girl loved Mesinas, “enjoyed your voice, enjoyed your company, and did not deserve to be abused by you…I do not know how many times you were capable of abusing my daughter,” she said. “Only God and you know. And since it’s something very secret of yours, when you receive your sentence, multiply it by the times you did that to her…”

…victims’ advocates and local sexual assault investigators also are trying to raise some money so the girl’s mother can buy some “humble, reliable, used transportation” with a wheelchair lift.

The girl is now 16, and she has two younger siblings, ages 3 and 5. The mother works nights selling hot food outside of local nightclubs and then cleaning the clubs afterward, sometimes not getting home to relieve the baby sitter until the sun comes up…

“The defendant was their sole source of income, and now the victim’s mother has been forced to support the entire family by herself.”

…anybody who is interested in helping the family contact the nonprofit group Destinations Mobility at (916) 868-6797 or www.destinationsmobility. com…(Full text at  Sacramento Bee)

If ever there was an argument for reforming laws pertaining to child molesters, Carlos Guadalupe Mesinas is the embodiment thereof.

Paco has long advocated indeterminate sentences for molesters who actually penetrate their victims–why one can do more time for lesser crimes is a complete mystery.

Parenthetically, this case comes at a time when the US Attorney General is railing against mandatory minimum sentences. Clearly, 11 years is a slap on the hand given Mesina’s crime–yet we may all take solace knowing he wasn’t subjected to anything as “draconcian,” to quote AG Holder, as a mandatory minimum sentence. –

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6 Comments to “Special place in Hell: Mesinas, party of one!”

  1. Bob Walsh says:

    There was a time this ambulatory turd would never have made it to jail let alone trial. We don’t do that any more. Does that make us more civilized, or less?

    • kl2008a says:

      Bob, the pendulum is swinging again and it’s moving towards the those earlier times when a rope and a posse were all that was needed to give justice. Back then, you could end up hanged for stealing another man’s horse. For something like this scumbag did he’d be tied to a post whipped until he was within one inch of his life, then left dangling from a rope for the buzzards and bugs to feed off. Slowly, we are watching the crumbling of society when the citizens no longer want to pay for cops, judges, jails, or prisons. They don’t want rehabilitation (well, the soft and fuzzy lovers do), they want revenge. It worked back then because everyone knew what to expect and what they expected was harsh treatment to nogoodniks. Nowadays, the nogoodniks know to expect lax soft treatment for their bad deeds so there is no deterrent. In cases like this one, and a few more recently. I can think of no better sentence than a .45 slug to the back of the head and left to rot in a shallow grave.

      • pacovilla says:

        To quote the long defunct National Lampoon Radio Hour, Capital Punishment episode, “I think he should be tied up in the desert, under the hot Sun, and have red ants placed in his ears and nostrils.” It just seems right.

  2. los angeles sleuth says:

    Just wait until he is released from state prison. Only one victim and the victim is considered a family member which would reduce his Static 99 score thus making him a low level sex offender.

  3. Gadfly says:


    This is such a vulgar example of human depravity. In reading this post, I am reminded of the word picture Jesus was quoted saying in Luke 17:1-3, as follows: ‘Jesus said to his disciples: “Things that cause people to stumble are bound to come, but woe to anyone through whom they come. It would be better for them to be thrown into the sea with a millstone tied around their neck than to cause one of these little ones to stumble. So watch yourselves.”‘

    In antiquity, a millstone was a large and heavy, circular stone used to crush grain. The imagery in the case of this defendant seems appropriate.

    • pacovilla says:

      Well put. But it would be a waste of a good millstone. Better that he should be milled with it. But who am I to argue with Him?