18 months for e-Rapist: Autism made him do it

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Another sex offender not subject to registration!

Jared James Abrahams hacked into women's PC's, watched and photographed them and then blackmailed them into "cyber-sex."

Jared James Abrahams hacked into women’s PC’s, watched, photographed and blackmailed them into cyber-sex “to feel less alone.”

Dubbed the “sextortionist” for blackmailing women into performing 5 minute “cyber-sex” sessions, Jared James Abrahams received an 18 month federal prison term Tuesday, subsequent to a plea agreement.

The Riverside Press Enterprise reports the cyber-rapist “hacked the computers of women, including Miss Teen USA, then secretly took nude photos of them and extorted some into undressing during video chats.”

In their son’s defense,  Abrahams’ parents blamed his criminality and psycho-sexual issues on autism.  The condition made it hard for him to make friends and he had trouble understanding and forming “normal social interactions.”  We used to call it shyness or, at the extreme, “awkward.”

In a written statement read prior to sentencing, Abrahams asserted, “Everything that I did was simply to feel a sense of involvement and to feel less alone.”

Now, in Paco’s estimation, if autism is to blame, it’s a good thing.  Abrahams is a predatory sex-offender–A rapist who invaded his victim’s homes and their MINDS.  Imagine the type of sick deeds such a sexual sociopath might commit absent autism induced shyness.

Paco says US prosecutors screwed the pooch by failing to charge this offender with a registerable offense–There was clearly an element of child pornography, at the very least.  Once charged, whether a weak case or not, lifelong registration is on the table for a plea agreement.  Apparently, it never occurred to the US prosecutors.

Adding insult to injury, the presiding jurist, U.S. District Judge James Selna expressed a degree of sympathy for,  and admiration of, the e-Rapist.

According to San Clemente Patch reporter Paul Anderson, Selna opted for the low-end sentence because “I need to also realize Mr. Abrahams is a human being, he has potential and the various techniques he used to attack (the victims) suggests to me he has an innate ability that can take him a long way if harnessed correctly.”   (The prosecutors wanted only 90 days more.)

To be clear, this is no spoof.  A U.S. District Judge actually said that!  He infers great potential from the “various techniques used to attack.”  Which is to say, the kid was pretty crafty in mind-f*cking his victims so he has usable skills.    Or, as Secret Agent 86, Maxwell Smart often said, “If only he used his genius for niceness, instead of evil.”

Personally, I am writing a letter to our great feminist Senators to demand impeachment–Surely Senators Feinstein and Boxer will share Paco’s outrage?  A copy will be posted here.

And so it is, a potential rapist ostensibly suffering from debilitating shyness gets a hand slap for offenses which had all the elements of rape excepting physical contact.  Jared James Abrahams is not, under the law, a sex offender at all.  He’s just a socially awkward, autistic man who told the Court, “Everything I did was to have a feeling of a sense of involvement.”

Ironically, Abrahams is now on the fast-track to “social interactions” and “a sense of involvement” which cannot be ignored or avoided, if only for a year and change.  Which is to say, the judicial system fell short but poetic justice, well, that’s another matter.

Here’s hoping the BOP provides appropriate treatment for Jared James Abrahams.  He won’t be registered or supervised–he will still be what his crimes indicate: a predatory sex offender. QED.

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One Comment to “18 months for e-Rapist: Autism made him do it”

  1. Bob Walsh says:

    You are being awfully judgmental there Paco. In our “modern” society attaching blame to people for their actions is passe. If he hadn’t been autistic it would then be acceptable to blame the internet, or the Miss Teen USA pageant for sexualizing the young woman and thereby unreasonably tantalizing this poor young man. It would even be appropriate to blame the school system for not recognizing and effectively treating him at a younger age to steer him towards being a more productive member of society, as this far-seeing and progressive judge has seen. Blaming the actor for his actions is positively Neanderthal.