Dead women make prison look bad

BobsNewsflash[1],jpgThe California Institution for Women (CIW) in San Bernardino County is apparently not a very warm-and-fuzzy place.  Four guests of the state have terminally rehabilitated themselves there in the last eighteen months, a figure that has the feds (and presumably CDCr) rather concerned.  This makes the suicide rate at this facility eight times higher than that for the nation as a whole for women’s prisons and five times higher than that for CDCr as a whole.

CIW is the only women’s prison in the state that has had any prisoner suicides at all in the last five years.  The prison has a base population of about 2,000.  There have also been about 20 suicide attempts there in the last 18 months, though it is sometimes not possible to tell “real” suicide attempts from “I need help” or “I want attention” suicide attempts.

All four of the dead women received some level of mental health treatment in the days before their suicides.

Lindsay Hayes is a court-appointed suicide expert.  (I didn’t even know there were such things.)  He has stated that CIW is a “problematic institution” in that they seem to be doing a poor job of evaluating risk and a poor job of following their own protocols in checking on prisoners. (more…)

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Paco's Podium

"Ve Vill halt zees wideos und krrrrush zee pro-lifers like BUGS!!!!
Kamala Vows to Suppress the First Amendment

Planned Parenthood Cronies Release the Hounds: Cal AG Law Dog on the Hunt for Pro-Lifers As previously mentioned here at (see and, a California-based pro-life group recently released three surreptitiously recorded videos exposing probable criminal activity by the upper echelon of Planned Parenthood. Thus far, only Republicans within the U.S. Congress have called for investigations. So what has been the response from the political left? Vilify the pro-life activists and deny, Deny, DENY! And as the left circles the wagons around Planned Parenthood, California’s Attorney General has vowed to investigate the pro-life group

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Due to a medical issue, our good friend and blogger, Howie Katz, will be away from his keyboard for awhile
True Facts On Number Of Imprisoned Drug Offenders

Obama is either deliberately lying or ignorant of the true facts when he declares that the imprisonment of nonviolent drug offenders is “the real reason our prison population is so high” When President Obama addressed the NAACP annual convention in Philadelphia July 14, he bemoaned the high incarceration rate of black nonviolent drug offenders and called for reform of the criminal justice system. He blamed our mass incarceration on the large number of nonviolent drug offenders sent to prison. Obama also said that mass incarceration prevents too many people, especially minority men, from contributing to

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The first warning about Planned Parenthood came from disclosures by Dr. Deborah (Death-knell) Nucatola in a secretly taped video
Sirens of the Lamb(orghinis)

Planned Parenthood’s Femme Fatales Exposed! A Win-win for Women! Perhaps morality in America is beyond repair. Still, as a man of faith, I remain hopeful. In spite of attempts to deny, distract, and distance themselves from a looming scandal, liberals, especially the liberal press, cannot counter the alarming disclosures coming from the mouths of the upper echelon of Planned Parenthood. These Mermaids of Monstrous Surgeries (MOMS) have been caught on secretly videotaped discussions (by a pro-life group) boasting openly about using other women to turn profits from harvested human baby parts for scientific research. As

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The findings are in on AB109 and the monkey business of realignment
Monkey Business: AB 109 and Relative Realignment

CDCR Outcome Study–Numbers Are Down Everywhere We Look: There must be something in the water–A Monster with Two Heads Richard Krupp, PhD. July 21, 2015 I recently had an opportunity to read the latest research report from the Department of Corrections that looks at recidivism (returned-to-prison) rates. I would like to summarize the findings regarding drug treatment programs and realignment as I see it. There are other breakdowns that are interesting, but I’ll save those for another time. For those who might want to read the entire report, the attached link will help you find

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After you listen to Dr. Nucatola, one might believe she was the protege of Dr. Josef Mengele
Tissue is People!

Break Out the Tissue: It’s Soylent Green, the Sequel The latest scandal concerning human life centered on a surreptitious videotaping by two actors (released this week, but filmed a year ago) of a medical director from Planned Parenthood named Deborah Nucatola (see video posted at the end of this article.) In the video, while eating lunch, Director Nucatola described methods for extracting lungs, and livers, and limbs from live fetuses during abortion procedures to preserve them for scientific research experimentation. Her descriptions reminded me of a World War II era Nazi doctor named Josef Mengele,

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Coming Soon to Your Town: Mexican criminal aliens are riding the gravy train of lax federal immigration enforcement.
Illegal Immigration: What Should Never Have Happened

When the Alarms Sound, There is a Fire As has been previously stated at, the rule of law and the enforcement of law are both the boundaries of good conduct as well as the sanctions for bad conduct. No murderer was ever prevented from taking a human life by the notion of law anymore than a motorist was prevented from speeding down the freeway by a posted speed limit sign. However, enforcement of the law often changes behavior and consistent enforcement generally minimizes lawlessness. One need only take a glance across our southern border

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Imagine Granny being terminated by the State because her care was simply too costly.
The Secular Left and the Moral Low Ground

The State and the Easier Choice Where the secular and religious political-left in California are concerned, the State has no authority to execute a lawfully condemned murderer. Religious leftists, particularly those in the Christian church, morally object to execution on the general belief that only God can take a life since he created it in the first place. I guess all the murderers who have and continue to take the lives of others ( by, in a broader sense, executing their victims) are exempt from adherence to that conscientious principle. Never mind that Jesus, the

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In the immortal words of Italian Chief Justices Oralio Sodomicci, "If it ain't shoved in your face, it's innuendo!"
Legal Discretionary Interpretation: Hard to Swallow while Innuendo

Judges, Lawyers, and Sex Criminals: Your world is not all it seems Richard Krupp, PhD July 7, 2015 Recent court decisions at the federal and state level serve to remind me how much verbal garbage spews from the mouths of these legal eagles and how similar the verbal garbage is to that spewed by sex criminals. What do they have in common? What can you believe? Let’s take a look at some of the recent fancy verbal footwork and how it impacts normal people.

Advocates for prison reform love to stir the pot without considering what the stew contains
Prisons Are Not Playgrounds

Recipe For Prison Harmony, Just Ad-Seg There seems to be a distinct disconnect in the public’s perception of proverbial prison life versus the reality of State-run institutionalized care for criminals. Prison advocacy and special interest groups, as well as political hacks, are often responsible for this confusion. For the sake of argument, let’s simplify some definitions. Criminals are, by the nature of their bad behaviors, bad people. They willingly break laws—a lot of laws. Law-abiding citizens, by the absence of criminal behavior, are good people. Good people generally frown upon law-breaking. Prisons were built by

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"Thank you, Governor Brown, for teaching me the true meaning of rehabilitation!"-Joe Dirtbag
Brown-grading Public Safety

Oh, the irony, Jerry Brown! Whether you knew it or not, Paco had your back! This past Wednesday evening, as a function of my security duties at the Riverside Convention Center, I was assigned to assist Governor Jerry Brown’s protection team for a few hours. How ironic was that! The governor had been scheduled to speak at a dinner hosted by the California Police Chiefs’ Association (CPCA), as the highlight of a week-long training conference in Riverside. There had been no announcements in the press of his scheduled visit, and the convention center was literally

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To Sac Bee writer, Jon Ortiz, we tip our hat in acknowledgement of a true class act!
Well Said, Jon Ortiz!

A Class Act Shortly after arriving in Rocklin, California, to help my brother’s family with funeral arrangements for Jeff, I heard through blogger Howie Katz that Sacramento Bee investigative reporter, Jon Ortiz wanted to write an article about Jeff’s passing. The following Monday, I was able to speak with Jon in about a twenty-minute phone conversation that was very much like talking to an old friend. Jon gave his condolences

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Remembering the fearless, Paco, and his memorable admonition
Paco’s Eulogy

“Don’t Be a Pussy!” [For all the Riders who could not attend, this is the eulogy given by Paco’s brother, Greg, at the memorial service on January 14, 2015, in its entirety. His wife, Loni, wanted to celebrate his life with all of you-ED] Thank you all for being here to mourn and celebrate the life of my brother—your brother—Jeff Doyle. The Doyle family is in your debt for all the prayers, love and support you have poured out over us this past week. We are grateful to God and all of you. If there is

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Jeff Doyle, aka Paco, Rest in Peace brother
A Grief Observed (Updated)

Paco’s Last Ride (Farewell to the Silver Fox) Jeff Doyle (March 16, 1959 – January 7, 2015) [Update: Services for Paco were held on Wednesday, January 14, 2015, at East Lawn Cemetery, 5757 Greenback Lane, Sacramento, at 1:00 p.m. Many thanks to all the Riders who attended- ED]  Please forgive me. I have borrowed the title of author C.S. Lewis’ book on the death of his wife in order to announce the passing of my brother, Jeff Doyle (aka: Paco), from an apparent heart attack in his home on Wednesday evening. He leaves behind his

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bankruptcy3 Greek parliament buys into austerity program

The Greek parliament voted last night to accept the austerity program that was more-or-less forced upon it by other members of the E U.  Even so, pretty much everybody involved agrees that this will only buy them some maneuvering time and that, at the current level of debt, Greece still can not pay its outstanding debts. The newly approved program still has to be approved by the governments of some

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greek Rioting in the streets

As I write this the Greek police are battling with rioters in the streets.  Tear gas and riot batons are much in evidence.  The Greek parliament is supposed to vote today on their acceptance or non-acceptance of the E U bailout terms.  Either way the average person on the street is going to get hosed.   That is the trouble with socialism, eventually you run out of other people’s money to

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bankruptcy3 Greek referendum…and why you should care

Originally the pollsters were predicting the Greek referendum on the possible EU bailout was going to be very close.  It wasn’t.  It went more than 60% to the NO side.  Essentially the Greek public in a non-binding referendum told their government to tell the EU to kick rocks. Those of you who follow such things will know that a week ago the U S stock market dropped about 300 points, largely on news that the negotiations between the IMF, the EU and the Greek government were going not well at all. The Euro has now

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Bob's Blotter

BobsBlotter Charges contemplated against good guy at Chattanooga

Various broadcast news outlets are reporting that the military is seriously considering charges against Lt. Commander Timothy White in the wake of the Chattanooga shooting.  White was assigned to the Chattanooga facility and was personally present when the shooting started.  While under attack he accessed a personally owned weapon and engaged the shooter.  Assuming the broadcast media has it right he may be charged by the military for possession of

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BobsBlotter Crime-ridden Baltimore

Baltimore is indeed a record-setting shithole.  They have a record unseen in over 40 years.  Last month they had either 43 or 45 homicides, depending on what number you believe.  The department’s clearance rate on homicides has plummeted to under 40 %.  Also non-fatal shootings have nearly doubled. As usual the liberal intelligencia are focusing on social causes of crime.  They don’t seem to care much about personal responsibility for

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BobsBlotter Murderous escapee recaptured

A low-custody prisoner who escaped custody in Pennsylvania and committed a murder while he was out and about is now back in custody. Robert Crissman was a non-violent offender who simply walked away from the Armstrong County slammer and went to a home within sight of the jail.  The home was occupied by Tammy Long, 55, and Terry Siagle, who Crissman knew.  They allowed Crissman into the house and he

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Katz Litterbox

Due to a medical issue, our good friend and blogger, Howie Katz, will be away from his keyboard for awhile Hands-On Gun Safety Lesson

A 12-year-old Florida girl was shot in the arm by her gun safety-teaching father Most of us gun owners believe in teaching gun safety to our young children and that is exactly what an ex-Marine in Davie, Florida did Sunday night. Davie police Sgt. Pablo Castaneda reports that the unnamed father was showing his 12-year-old daughter how to safely draw a gun from his pocket when the firearm discharged, wounding

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Due to a medical issue, our good friend and blogger, Howie Katz, will be away from his keyboard for awhile Heritage Not Hate?

Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson look down on a confrontation between Confederate battle flag waivers and protesters Georgia’s Stone Mountain Park has a 90-foot tall sculpture of Confederate heroes Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson, each on horseback, carved into the side of Stone Mountain. The carving takes up three acres of the mountain side. On Saturday, hundreds of confederate flag waving people showed up

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Due to a medical issue, our good friend and blogger, Howie Katz, will be away from his keyboard for awhile Don’t Mess With Texas Armadillos

Man shoots armadillo, armadillo fires back, bullet hits him in the head In the wee hours of Thursday morning, a motorist stopped on state Highway 77, near the East Texas town of Marietta to take a shot at an armadillo. Alas, a pissed off armadillo fired back, hitting the shooter in the head. Well not exactly. The bullet ricocheted off the critter, grazing the as yet unidentified man in the

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Krupp Files

"Give me all the cash Mutha F**ka, I have to pay for my textbooks." Liberal Arts: Use a Gun (or Penis), Go to College?

The Obama/Brown Education Programs for Inmates Versus Sanctuary Pee Walls: Which will prove more effective? Richard Krupp, PhD July 30, 2015 Both the President and our Governor believe educated inmates can stay out of prison and they are willing to spend taxpayers money to make that happen. I guess the theory is that educated people do not commit crimes as often as those who are uneducated. From what I recall, prison education programs have been around for awhile now. What will distinguish this new effort from previous programs?

Perhaps recidivism is linked to inmate fascination with the color orange. Inmate Rehab: If It’s Broke, Don’t Fix It

More Realignment Outcome Failures: First You Lose Trust, Then You Get Worried Richard Krupp, PhD July 28, 2015 Last week I discussed some of the information contained in the latest Department of Corrections 2014 Outcome Evaluation Report relative to Realignment and Substance Abuse Treatment programs. Now let’s look at the findings relative to sex offenders and mental health offenders. These two groups have always been a problem. The first group are the bottom dwellers of the inmate population and the latter are the most difficult to manage. Typically the sex offenders are kept on a

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Fed up! Leland Yee pleads guilty just to show how the SF posse takes a bribe all the way to the big house Yee Olde Bribery’s Bedtime Yields Fed Time

Two Faced Senator’s Fall From Grace: No Rhyme or Reason Richard Krupp, PhD. July 23, 2015 Most politicians show different faces to different groups. Former California State Senator Leland Yee is a fine example. He was living the good life of a powerful elected official in California. He had all kinds of influence and perks. He may have been in love with his life, but then he lost himself.


The suppression of free speech in the recent Planned Parenthood scandal threatens the First Amendment rights of everyone Faith and Free Speech

  Fear Factor Fuels First Amendment Feud In recent weeks, the First Amendment has come under deliberate attack as a result of videotaped disclosures regarding the organization known as Planned Parenthood. A group of pro-life journalists calling themselves Center for Medical Progress (CMP) exposed Planned Parenthood and a research group called Stem Express to public and political scrutiny. Now an all-out effort has been launched by the left to suppress the videos and the First Amendment free speech of the journalists at CMP. The disclosures through the CMP videos thus far have been quite damning

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"Ve Vill halt zees wideos und krrrrush zee pro-lifers like BUGS!!!! Kamala Vows to Suppress the First Amendment

Planned Parenthood Cronies Release the Hounds: Cal AG Law Dog on the Hunt for Pro-Lifers As previously mentioned here at (see and, a California-based pro-life group recently released three surreptitiously recorded videos exposing probable criminal activity by the upper echelon of Planned Parenthood. Thus far, only Republicans within the U.S. Congress have called for investigations. So what has been the response from the political left? Vilify the pro-life activists and deny, Deny, DENY! And as the left circles the wagons around Planned Parenthood, California’s Attorney General has vowed to investigate the pro-life group

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Failure to enforce immigration law led to murder in Ohio in the case of Juan Razo More Dead in O-HI-O, Thanks to Illegal Alien

What do you Juan from Your Federal Government? In yet another case of a breakdown in the enforcement of federal immigration law, a Mexican male illegally in the U.S. (who was detained in early July 2015 by sheriff’s deputies in Ohio) went on a crime spree after federal authorities refused to take him into custody for deportation. There was no issue of sanctuary in this specific case. The feds simply

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justice SCOTUS to hear Agency Fee case

SCOTUS has agreed to hear a challenge to the California Teacher’s Association compulsory union dues (often referred to as agency fee) in the upcoming court year. Currently many public employee unions (including CCPOA) are able to charge an “agency fee” to persons who are not actual voting members of the union.  This fee is (allegedly) to compensate the union for effort expended in representational work which benefits non-members. In 1977

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BobsNewsflash[1],jpg The Return of C-POST

There was a fair amount of lets-make-a-deal involved in this.  The state is starting to run the basic officer academy again, as a 12-week program rather than the 16-week program it had been previously.  This is happening beginning next month, in an effort to put a serious dent in the major staff shortages.  Part of this deal with CCPOA has been the re-start of the Correctional Peace Office Standards and

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capitol Threats against staff

AB293 is a proposal by Marc Levine (D-San Rafael).  If it passes into law it would require that CDCr establish uniform guidelines for the investigation and administrative handling of threats made against staff.  This proposal, which is supported by CCPOA, passed the Assembly Public Safety Committee (normally a graveyard of public safety proposals) by a vote of 6-0 so it might actually get somewhere. Clicking here will link to a

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Gold Star Parolee

GoldStarLogo Rambunctious parolee helps stock wrecking yard

A former guest of the state was responsible for at least 15 wrecked vehicles and four hospital cases yesterday in beautiful Stockton.  Jose Romero, 42, was arrested by the local constabulary for ADW, driving under the influence of drugs, felony hit-and-run, felony evasion and a pile of traffic charges. Romero left a string of wrecked cars along March Lane running from near I-5 to West Lane.  At least one of

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GoldStarLogo CA parolee grabs agent’s gun and opens fire

About three days ago a parolee managed to get control of a parole agent’s weapon and popped a few caps in the teeming metropolis of Palmdale. The parolee was being transported for some sort of unspecified medical treatment at about 1700 hours on June 24.  The parolee, Hector Perez, managed to gain control of the agent’s weapon and bailed out of the car.  He then popped a few rounds into

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GoldStarLogo Parolee guilty in investigator murder (Updated)

Randy Alana, 58, was found guilty today (05-20) by a jury in Oakland in the murder of Sandra Coke, 50, nearly two years ago. Coke was a investigator for the Federal Public Defender system.  She had a relationship with Alana 20 years back and Alana was the father of her teen-age daughter.  They had reconnected and that situation obviously didn’t turn out well for Ms. Coke. Information from Coke’s cell

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Bad Apples

justice Cop convicted of multiple rapes

A former Sacramento P D officer was convicted Monday of multiple rapes of the same victim over a two-year period while off-duty. Gary Dale Baker, now 52, was convicted of raping the 75-year old woman in 2010 and 2012.  Baker admitted to having an occasional, consensual relationship with the woman.  The first attack occurred when she was a barely recovering stroke victim. Baker will be sentenced in about a month. 

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iStockPhoto SLC Minilypse-Judicial Court Instant murder charge (Updated)

Michael Thomas Slager is a North Charleston, S.C. police officer.  He is white.  He made a traffic stop of a man who happened to be black.  The situation went sideways and it ended up with the motorist, Walter Lammer Scott, 50, dead and Slager facing a flat-out murder charge for his actions. A video of the shooting (but not the lead-in to the shooting) surfaced yesterday.  It showed Scott running

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justice LA cop convicted for deadly arrest

A female LAPD officer was convicted by a jury Friday in the deadly arrest of a female suspect. The jury of one man and eleven women took two days to reach a verdict in the case of Officer Mary O’Callaghan, 50, an 18-year veteran of the force.  She viciously and repeatedly kicked a handcuffed suspect, Alesia Thomas, 35, in 2012.  The episode was caught on police video.  The woman died

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